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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Despite widespread application to human imaging, voxel-based morphometry VBM , where images are compared following grey matter GM segmentation, is seldom used in mice. This article discusses issues in translating the methods to mice and shows that its statistical basis is sound in mice as it is in human studies. Whole brain images from live transgenic and control mice are segmented into GM maps after processing and compared to produce statistical parametric maps of likely differences. To assess whether false positives were likely to occur, a large cohort of ex vivo magnetic resonance brain images were sampled with permutation testing. Differences were seen particularly in the striatum and cortex, in line with studies performed ex vivo and as seen in human patients. In validation, the rate of false positives is as expected and these have no discernible distribution through the brain. The method is rapid compared to manual delineation and reliable. The templates created here for the mouse brain are freely released for other users in addition to an open-source software toolbox for performing mouse VBM.

Advantage VBM 2.3.2

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Figure 4 Grey matter volume associated with BS measure red-to-yellow patched and visuospatial NA measure light blue-to-violet patches in lower limb amputees, as it results from the voxel-wise multiple regression analysis. Discussion We carried out an investigation of body representations, evaluating both the supporting actions BS and the non-action oriented NA body representations, in a group of individuals with lower limb amputations and assessing the association of BA and NA alterations with grey matter loss. This study sheds more light not only on the cognitive effects of limb loss, but also on our more general and theoretical understanding of body representation. This pattern of results is consistent with those of previous studies, in which however just one type of body representation deficit BS or NA was investigated [ 10 , 14 — 16 ]. Indeed, in present study the LLA group showed a poor performance in tasks involving mental rotation of body parts this is consistent with [ 14 — 16 ] and in processing NA representation in terms of visuospatial processing of body part relations i. We found also a significant correlation between the behavioural performance in BS and visuospatial NA measures which, as expected considering the current neuropsychological and fMRI literature, was not present in healthy controls. These results would suggest that a body loss can result in a general body representation deficit that affects both BS and visuospatial NA representations, sparing a more semantic component i. Theoretically, such behavioural scenario would predict that BS and NA deficits following lower limb amputation are related to a loss of grey matter volume in a brain network that is generally involved in body representations i. Specifically, concerning body representation supporting actions, the multiple regression analysis showed significant association between BS measure and the grey matter volume in the right anterior cingulate cortex ACC. The involvement of this area, which is crucial in the processing of motor and sensory inputs, is consistent with the fact that the BS is a dynamic representation, built up from multiple sensory and motor inputs, that interacts with the motor system to generate actions [ 30 ].

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