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Error Code Webform module issues in Drupal. Drupal themes on number of services e. Collage preview in browser. TinyMCE editor support on Moodle. Bootstraps scripts support in Artisteer themes. Tablet portrait layout for RTL. JS script in footer Joomla templates. Vertical Spacing in page’s Row. Headline location in Chrome. Menu width while switching between responsive and desktop view.


Footer padding in responsive mode. For Mac users we’ve recently updated Artisteer 2. We continue to work on finalizing an official Mac version release with all the latest Artisteer features including Blogger support. In the next Artisteer version 2. Please note that this version is still being tested and various minor issues are still being fixed. We are also working on Artisteer 2. General Features New graphics: Improved product performance. Artisteer projects can no longer be saved in trial mode you will need to purchase the product to be able to save projects.

The Artisteer version 2. Mac users: July 29, Thanks to everyone’s feedback during 2. Simplified syntax for styling buttons and links: Improved compatibility with Avatar List plugin. Joomla Added support for module class suffixes as described at http: Fixed incorrect path to spacer.

Resolved compatibility issues with PHP4. Drupal Resolved issues with the Menu not working properly in some cases. Resolved an issue with missing upload button. Our main long term focus is supporting fluid layouts and custom layout definitions.

ETA cannot be predicted due to the complexity of this task. Resolved problems activating Artisteer on certain Mac computers.

Resolved problems determining whether X11 is installed. Resolved problems with loading certain image formats. Resolved a few reproducible crashes. Added shortcut to start the Mac version in debug mode, so that crash debug logs can be provided to product support. The new Artisteer version 2. Previous Mac beta users can download an upgrade to a previous Mac version by clicking here 5.

An Artisteer license can be used on both a PC and a Mac computer during the beta period and can be transferred from PC to Mac after Mac version release. An official release date of the Mac version will be planned after determining how much work is needed to resolve reported issues.

Please send feedback and report reproducible issues to our support via the Contact Us page. Couple interesting facts: Artisteer for Mac joins the family of products based on cross-platform. NET framework known as Mono. Artisteer might be the first product for Mac OS utilizing the ribbon interface first introduced in Microsoft Office for Windows.

Technical notes and known issues for beta testers: Artisteer may require approx 1 minute to start the first time after installation. The “Open” and “Save” dialogs display Windows style folder structure and may require additional navigation to desired Mac folders. The top Mac menu bar does not offer an option to quit Artisteer. Please do not click anywhere within the web design preview area.

Currently this disables keyboard shortcuts and may cause other unexpected behavior. Certain amount of instability and limitations as above are expected due to limitations of the current Mono framework 2.

There is a slight chance that your Mac computer may freeze when using Artisteer this happened once in our tests. Please save all your work often in case you need to reboot your computer. For technical users willing to help us debug occasional crashes, instructions are available here.

Customers who purchased an Artisteer license can use it on both PC and Mac computers one each during the beta period, while after product release it can be used on one computer. Artisteer Team now on Twitter! June 22, Want to be alerted of Artisteer news and updates?

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