CD Label Designer 5.3.1

CD Label Designer 5.3.1 [Updated] 2020

See “Viewing Field-Level Help. For example, this is useful for a Delete button where you do not want to annoy the user with irrelevant validation error messages when they are deleting a record. For Execute Validations, you can select: Yes – If the page is submitted and this attribute is set to Yes, all validations defined for the page and all built-in validations execute for example to check for a required value or to determine if the value is a valid number or date.

CD Label Designer 5.3.1

No – If set to No, none of the defined validations or the built-in validations execute. To have a specific validation always execute independent of this setting, set the validation attribute, Always Execute, to Yes.

See Also: To edit multiple buttons at once: The Edit All icon resembles a small grid with a pencil on top of it. The Buttons page appears. The Buttons page contains a table listing the buttons in the region. Edit the attributes and click Apply Changes. Click Delete Multiple Buttons.

The Delete Multiple Buttons page appears. Select the buttons to delete and click Remove Buttons. To have a button display conditionally: Scroll down to Conditions.

Make a selection from the Condition Type list. Enter an expression in the fields provided. Click Apply Changes. Oracle Application Express uses this technique for the delete operation of most objects. For example, when you delete a button, a JavaScript message appears asking you to confirm your request. Consider the following example: To turn off Treat Null Values as Zero: Click within the chart to display the Chart properties tab.

Mobile App Designer offers two types of maps from the components menu: Choose Region Map when your data includes the regional identifies for how you want your data grouped — such as U. States, world countries, Canadian provinces, Japanese prefectures, Australian territories, and so on. Mobile App Designer provides a set of maps with preset region identifiers to match to your data. Choose Geo Map when your data includes latitude and longitude values.

Geo Maps 5. For example, the region identifiers for the US States map are: If your data does not include the region identifiers shown for the provided maps, you can edit the map files to meet your requirements.

To edit the map files to add identifiers that match your data, see Chapter 6, “Customizing Region Maps. Click Insert Component, and then drag Region Map to the area of the page you want to insert it. On the Properties pane, select the Map Region. Drag the data source field for which the data is to be aggregated to the Group field.

Group is the geographical entity for which data is aggregated. For example, in a United States map you would aggregate the data by state.

Figure Dragging State from the Data Source to the Map Group Field The values in your data for this field must match a supported region identifier for the map. For example, if you choose the US States map, the data field you assign to Group must contain either the full state names such as “Wyoming” or the two-letter state abbreviations such as “WY”.

Some examples are shown in the following table: See Chapter 6, “Customizing Region Maps. You can choose either Area or Circle. Drop the data value to be aggregated in the Color field. In the following example, the color of each State signifies the aggregated Profit. Figure Assigning a Data Field to Area Marker Color You can assign up to three measures to the Color field and specify distinct properties for each.

Circle – A circle displays at each location in the data that corresponds to the Aggregation Level.

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Figure Chart Resize Handler 5. You can change the formula applied to a chart measure field using the Measure properties. To change the chart measure field formula: Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page. The chart immediately updates with the preview data, as shown in Figure Figure Dragging Data Fields to a Chart To resize the chart, drag and drop the resize handler on the lower right corner of the chart, as shown in Figure To preserve the aspect ratio when resizing a chart, press and hold the Shift key before dragging the handler.

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CD Label Designer 5.3.1