Checkbook 4.12.08

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Admins rule Once upon a time there was something called a “secretary”. Most were men, and then as now their job was about doing legwork and stenographic tasks for the bosses. But the men wanted promotions and the bosses wanted to get some better looking help, so slowly secretaries became women almost exclusively. But in recent years they’ve been dying out, and the most recent sighting has been at JoniElectric. That work didn’t just go away, it was just taken over by a new entity known as an “admin”. Whether that resulted from govt-style pay grades, PC, attempts to upgrade a position seen as humble or whatever, the fact is that these people are essential and in fact are the hidden power in an organization. Like Santa, they know when you are sleeping, etc. And if you ask them nice they can get you anything you want.

Checkbook 4.12.08

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EnrichPlatform Talend Studio This scenario presents a Job that checks the type, nullability and length of data from an incoming flow against a defined reference schema, and displays the validation results on the Run console. The incoming flow comes from a simple CSV file that contains heterogeneous data including wrong data type, data exceeding the maximum length, wrong ID and null values in non-nullable columns, as shown below: This output flow will gather the valid data. This second output flow will gather the non-compliant data. It passes two additional columns to the next component: ErrorCode and ErrorMessage. These two read-only columns provide information about the rejected data to ease error handling and troubleshooting if needed.

What’s New in Checkbook 4.12.08?

A few more parks and this pass will have paid for itself and we have lots of National Parks and Monuments to visit in the next few months. Today we traveled just about an hour to get to the entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park which was a National Monument until October of when it was designated as a National Park.

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Checkbook 4.12.08