Coin Weighing 1.1.0

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Using Euro coins as standard weights c Menno Rubingh Contact me Here is a cheap way to obtain a set of standard weights, for measuring weights up to about gram, to an accuracy of about 0. Use the coins of the currency of your country. Thus one can make use of the fact that these coins are fabricated in mass production, and because of that have not only a constant shape and size, but also a constant and accurately fixed weight. Weights composed of these coins can be used to measure the weight of small objects e. The accuracy of the weight of the Euro coins is good enough so that in measuring the weight of objects an accuracy 0. Use a very simple home-made scales, i. A straight length of e. Create the weights by holding the combinations of Euro coins together with narrow paper bands glued around them. The weight of the paper bands and the glue is much smaller than 0. A sheet of A4 copying paper weighs about 5 gram.

Coin Weighing 1.1.0

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Comments The purpose of this game is to find out a fake coin by using a scale. There’s is only one fake coin in the pile of coins and the fake coins is either heavier or lighter than the real ones but you do not know whether it is heavier or lighter. You can use the scale only a few times depending on the number of coins in the scale. In the end you have to tell which coin is fake and whether it is lighter or heavier than the real ones. Do you think you can solve this ancient problem? About this file.

About Coin Weighing 1.1.0

You can code the weighings of each coin by -1, 0, 1, where -1 means the coin is on the LH side in a weighing, 0 means it’s not used in a weighing, and 1 means it’s on the RH side. So, if you have k weighings, to each coin there’s associated a vector of dimension k, and each coordinate is one of . The NGC Coin Explorer is a free, online coin collecting guide. With $5 MS images, prices, auction data and more, it’s the most comprehensive numismatic guide. By the way, that means that if there are n potentially bad coins and one good one then (2n-1) is at most 3 to the power k. What can we do with one weighing? g 1 2 _____ 1 -1 0. Without a good coin we are dead in the water; with one we can distinguish among two coins, as in the matrix above. Notice that 2 is the upper bound here.

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Coin Weighing 1.1.0