E-mix Club Edition

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For AEGs, they come in voltages of 8. Notice that the voltages get larger by 1. That’s because each time you go up a level in voltage, you’re adding another battery cell to the pack. Each individual battery cell in the pack carries a voltage of 1.

E-mix Club Edition

To get the total pack voltage, you simply add the number of cells and multiply by 1. You have your pack’s voltage.

Crazy stuff. The downside to these batteries is their large size. This battery was somewhat controversial when it emerged onto the Airsoft scene. There was a lot of skepticism and rumors floating around about how dangerous they are. Videos on YouTube started popping up of science nerds performing experiments that would cause these batteries to explode, or at least catch on fire. This caused an Airsoft hysteria and many decided to avoid these wonderful batteries like the plague. I would like to use an analogy now.

I equate Li-Po batteries to be the Pit Bulls of the Airsoft battery world in that they are very powerful, very compact and if you treat them poorly, they’ll ruin your day and possibly that of others. However, if you treat them well, you will enjoy a long and happy relationship with each other.

Like NiMH batteries, increasing voltage means increasing the number of battery cells in the pack. A single Lithium Polymer cell contains 3. Li-Po batteries have the advantage over NiMH batteries in that they utilize a higher voltage in a relatively small package.

The small package of the Li-Po comes in handy when you’re limited on the space in which your AEG allows you to store batteries. Often times, using a Li-Po battery will eliminate the need to use an external battery bag or mock PEQ box to store the battery outside of the gun in order to use a battery with a high enough voltage for your needs.

Do not pass go. These batteries are stupid. They suffer from a memory effect that requires you to fully discharge the battery before recharging it, otherwise you will never get a full charge again.

The amount of energy the battery can store per charge will be reduced and you will have to charge your battery more often from there on out. If you’re thinking about getting this type, don’t. You can create your music archive and own playlists, streaming them to your favourite player Winamp, XMMS, Do you present in bars, discos and parties or do you burn your own music-mix on CD?

Until recently were the equipment and handling for DJs quite complex l thus however it is now over Save loads of time with this astounding piece of software! Just click the icon in your systray, enter search text , select the search engine and go! Create your own searches. Functions such as mixers, automix, equalizer and effects are in relation to the other software-versions of e-mix Possibly a graphics interface “gvs2” as well.

Do you present in bars, discos and parties or do you burn your own music-mix on CD? Until recently were the equipment and handling for DJs quite complex l thus however it is now over Storage images, files, movies, documents in mail body. The storage can be online or offline. Developed in Java and XML. It proposes a new approach of DJ mixing since you can build and listen to your mix before they are played.

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E-mix Club Edition