Easy Timer 2.2

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Voice level of the alert above. Unit when entering an integer. How timer is updated when timing. How long the space bar should be held before the timer turns green. Number of phases, press any key to mark a split point when timing. Use Stackmat Status Information. Stackmat will report its state, e. Size of the scramble text. Auto scramble size. The size of the scramble text will be automatically adjusted by the length of the scramble, which works with together previous option.

Easy Timer 2.2

Use monospaced font for scramble text. Limit the height of scramble area. When the scramble area is too high, a scroll bar will occur to avoid the raising of the scramble panel. Alignment of scramble area. Alignment of the whole scramble area, include scramble type selector. Pre moves before scramble, which is used for virtual Rubik’s cube and scramble image. Using fast scramble for 4x4x4 non-official.

WCA official 4x4x4 scramble requires huge computation resources, select this option to use a random-move scramble for 4x4x4 instead. Label key move s in scramble. Mark a key move in the scramble, e.

Action when clicking scramble. Behavior when you click on the scramble text, copy scramble or generate next scramble. Number of solves trimmed at each side. Number of solves trimmed at head and tail of solves when calculating average.

Show the statistics table before time list. Print scramble in round statistics dialog. Print solving date in round statistics dialog. Immediately rename a session after creating it. When switching scramble type, a new session will be created. Inverse time list. Invert the time list, thus, latest solves will at the bottom of the time list. Enable session emptying. Show absolute index in statistics report. Show absolute index in the session instead of 1 to number of solves e.

Show stat. When click the first row of the time list, show a round statistics for a single solve. Statistical indicators. Statistical indicator for the statistics table, when customizing, aoX and moX are available.

Enable Multiple Deletion. Able to delete multiple solves starts from a solve, for avoid misunderstand, the selected solve will be the oldest solve to delete.

Time interval for the time distribution tool. Show solution progressively. If selected, only the length of a solution from a solver is displayed, and you can view the solution one move by one move, otherwise, the whole solution is displayed. Scramble Image Size. Set the size of scramble image.

Use keyboard shortcut to switch scramble type, generate next scramble, switch between sessions, etc. VRC base speed tps. Base turn speed of the virtual Rubik’s cube, the turn will be speed up if there are multiple moves to turn. Automatic multi-phase split for virtual Rubik’s cube and bluetooth cube. Show virtual bluetooth cube. Show a virtual Rubik’s cube in the main timer when connecting to a bluetooth cube. Mark scrambled if stay.

For a bluetooth cube, csTimer cannot know whether a move is from for scrambling or solving. Mark scrambled with spacebar. When the space bar is pressed, the bluetooth cube is marked scrambled, any turns after that will treated as the start of timing. Mark scrambled by doing. Use specific move sequences on the bluetooth cube to mark scrambled.

An example algorithm: White Face Start with the white face. This is the easy part so you can try to do this without using the algorithms. We need to place the white pieces next to each other making sure that the side colors match, as seen on the first image. Here are the algorithms to move a piece from the back face to the front. Case 1: D’ R’ D Case 2: R D B2 D’ R’ When the piece is in its position but oriented wrong first we need to send it to the back layer and do one of the three cases above D’ R D.

Step 2: Position Yellow Corners Turn the cube with the white face down because we won’t need to work with that anymore. The orientation doesn’t matter at this stage. Only one piece can be moved to its final position: Swap two pieces in the top front: Swap two diagonal corners: Orient Yellow Corners At this point all pieces are on their final position, we just have to orient the yellow corners. In each step the algorithm needs to be performed twice to turn the corner counterclockwise and four times to turn it clockwise.

Examples 1. Two yellow stickers facing to the front:

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Easy Timer 2.2