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Tue Oct 06, 4: I had this problem with I tried everything that was mentioned above delete cache and cookies, disable addons, create new user profile , but the street names still showed up in mirror image. Then I thought to install an older version of PaleMoon, and so far it works in It did trigger the lite mode on Google maps, which is a bit weird since I also tried Welcome to the forum Krista, Because others including myself do not have this same problem using Since you installed another PM version you most likely have a fresh profile and default pref settings as a result and so whatever may have been the cause of the problem has presumably been removed. Did you have different add-ons when you tried the new install? You might once again try a clean install of the current PMv If you decide to check this out then let us know your results.


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Rated 4. En fin, no he probado mucho porque estaba acostumbrada al otro pero lo poco que he visto, me gusta menos. Flag by Firefox user , 3 years ago I am enjoying continued use of this excellent add-on. Hopefully, the Webextensions API will improve to the point where it can be used as before. Until then, i give it 2 star only for it past glory: D Flag by Firefox user , 3 years ago Rated 1 out of 5 by Firefox user , 3 years ago Rated 2 out of 5 by Firefox user , 3 years ago Rated 5 out of 5 Phantastisch! Einfach zu installieren. Sofort zu gebrauchen, alles plausibel.

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Your earlier version is lovely, you should be making it obviously available and telling people that Firefox 52 ESR is perfectly functional, with none of the RUSTbucket crippling the Chrome-Crazy development team want to inflict! All the good add-ons work ok on Firefox 52, if you get

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