FET 5.26.2

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Suggested by rodolforg. Fixed some typos in the German translation reported by math user, corrected by Bob Hairgrove. Added 3 new example files from Namibia, by Bobby Wise.

FET 5.26.2

Suggested by math user. Bug fixes in the HTML timetables and in the printout of the timetables from the interface reported by Volker Dirr and math user. Added a new anonymous example file, by Matsumoto.

Updated the Arabic translation, by Benahmed Abdelkrim. It is now complete. Updated the Arabic translation, by Benahmed Abdelkrim and Silver. Reported by Benahmed Abdelkrim. If the user selected only space unlocking, no activities were unlocked.

Suggested by math. Reported by svenvanhal. Suggested by svenvanhal. It is now complete. Now FET can be compiled with this compiler. Suggestions and code by rodolforg. Also, there were used suggestions and code found on qtcentre.

Suggestion and code by rodolforg. Now the user can swap the teachers of one or more activities. Reported by chernous. In some cases, for feasible timetables, the generation might cycle incorrectly. Reported by Volker Dirr. A big ‘Thank you! Reported by Zsolt Udvari. Suggested by Vangelis Karafillidis, who did a great job with his useful suggestions and reports.

Also Volker Dirr had some useful suggestions for this new feature. It was also previously suggested by Mr Robo. Reported by math, corrected by Bob Hairgrove.

Reported by Robinson A. Lemos and Maurino C. Maria, fixed by Volker Dirr. Reported by Benahmed Abdelkrim. Suggested by math user. Suggested by Vangelis Karafillidis and rodolforg. Suggested by rodolforg. Also in other places with 0 data there might have appeared a useless progress dialog.

Reported by Malamojka. Also, the user can color the timetables in a similar way from the “Timetable print” dialog. Reported by Yush Yuen. Suggested by Bob Hairgrove. Also, removed the ‘Sort by comments’ button, which is probably useless.

It brings speed and memory improvements when reading the input files, and ensures FET source compatibility with future Qt versions. Also error reporting when reading a corrupt file is improved.

The structure of the. This is useful in very rare cases of peculiar usage of constraint activities occupy max time slots from selection, or if you want to change the initial order of the activities by bringing some activities into front. Now it uses diacritics. A minor bug was corrected with this occasion. Johnstone, from Belize. This was found trying to implement the new constraint see below in such a way to solve a more complicated file by Yush Yuen.

Bug exists from the start of the implementation of the space allocation in FET, probably. Suggested by Yush Yuen, nomad, Volker Dirr and maybe others. Suggestion and code by Ian Holden. The user can sort the constraints based on their comment. Salvetti and maybe other users. This is useful in more cases, for instance to force some teachers to have activities in certain time slots.

For example, if in a 5 days week with 6 hours per day, teacher T has 20 hours of activities and needs to have activities in the first 3 hours of Monday: Salvetti, lalloso, Silver, and maybe other users.

FET 5.26.2 Features

Download FET- Free timetabling software for free. FET is free timetabling software for schools, high-schools and universities. Scheduling is done automatically.5/5. wcflycasting.com Utility a ostatné» FET» Download FET – download. Stahování bude zahájeno během několika vtěřin. Pokud nebude stahování spouštěno automaticky, použijte alternativní odkaz. Súhrnné informácie. Licencia: Zadarmo: Autor: Liviu Lalescu: Podobné wcflycasting.com: Liviu Lalescu. 16 March , FET released – Updated to Qt – Crash bug fix when generating with zero students sets (introduced in FET). – Added a partial Chinese Traditional (zh_TW) translation, by James. – Updated the German translation, by Bob Hairgrove. 13 February , FET released.

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FET 5.26.2