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I started off with a free trial of Roon but, by the end of everything, I now have it for a year. I do see me keeping it for good though, especially as my UDP is also a Roon ready player. Roon’s rich user experience and the fact that you can delve further into information about the artists, read lyrics and pretty much fall down the rabbit hole during a listening session is fabulous.

Fidelizer 6.4

Furthermore, the simplicity of selecting your listening ‘Zone’ and overall navigation is another bonus. I have not been able to fault the software over the past few weeks of running it. In use The NimitraS is a total turnkey device that supports the popular contemporary codecs. Also, as it is an open platform, Keetakawee can customise it to fit your personal needs.

I tried this out with a GB flash drive, and it popped up on Roon instantly. It doesn’t take you long before you get used to the effortless playback of your digital catalogue. However, since relegating it to use as a Roon controller, sound quality has improved using the NimitraS.

Granted, I cannot say how much better the Signature upgrades make it, but this little music computer has benefited from not having to multitask. Starting things off with a live version of ‘Big Love’ by Fleetwood Mac the instant realisation that there was greater detail and focus from the track when using the NimitraS when compared to my laptop plugged into the same DAC was nothing short of incredible.

The performance through the Fidelizer server was just more visceral than through my laptop. But, apparently, it’s all just zeros and ones. I have been impressed. I do love my PCs, and custom ones tend to trigger a reaction in me that is probably illegal in some parts of the world. That said, there is no mistaking the improved audio quality through this little music server.

Support The subject of support is not something I usually mention in reviews but, when you buy a Fidelizer product, you get the most awesome direct support from its creator, Keetakawee Punpeng.

When I was sent the set-up for review, I was asked if I needed any guidance or support in setting it up. Of course, being someone who has built his own PCs, maintained his own classic cars and designed and developed websites, I said no. But also, the device being a loan item, I didn’t want to mess around with it. Within moments I got an email from Keetakawee. After a matter of minutes, I was up and running.

After that, I have not required any further assistance. However, I know full well that if I had any difficulties, there would be an answer to my email quickly and then the man himself will be logged on to the NimitraS via Team Viewer sorting things out. I dare say that this is a level of service that even most of the big names cannot match. Furthermore, how come there is hardly anyone able to do it at this price?

Add to that the unwavering, polite and patient support given to everyone who buys a Fidelizer product by the guy who made it, then you have something close to priceless in my book. Granted, it a Windows-based fanless computer, but it has been highly refined and optimised for the one job it has been designed to do.

I cannot help but enthuse about this device. Better still, you don’t have to take my word for it. If you are wanting to try out the Nimitra or NimitraS in your own home system, Elite Audio offers a day money-back guarantee. For more information visit Fidelizer Audio. The only other issue I had was sometimes a couple drivers and programs did not migrate properly.

For example I had to manually direct Windows 10 to look in the “C: JRiver 20 also needed a reinstall. Anyhow, enjoy Windows 10 if you decide to install. And that’s probably not a bad thing I have been using Windows 10 with my other computers over the last few weeks and have not noticed any sonic difference to speak of among the various machines and different DACs like the ASUS Essence One listening with headphones. Disagree with my conclusions? Please experiment and if there’s data to suggest I am in error, please leave me a comment and links!

Let’s talk about the phrase “bits is bits”. If it is true that “bits are NOT bits”, then what is it that is being transmitted? The standard answer is: This is the reason why jitter has played such a big part in digital audiophile discussions. And yes, I agree – so maybe that means I’m not a “bits is bits” kind of guy after all?

However, technology is evolving and improving. And while timing is a factor, the amount of timing irregularity in a typical USB data transfer has limited effect on good modern DACs. It is because asynchronous protocols have decoupled the need for accurate timing to the point where to all practical purposes, precise timing of data transfer from computer to DAC is just no longer a significant contributor to the final analogue output quality we’re not talking extreme data under-run timing issues of course.

The buffer data is then fed to the DA converters synchronized with the precise internal clock not USB clock. Jitter anomalies then become a function of the DAC hardware itself. Forget fancy cables making a difference, and likewise OS upgrades, optimizations, and “audiophile” software are unlikely to “fix” anything. In fact, I would say that installing these “tweaks” are more likely to cause functional issues or introduce bugs as we have seen.

I would not be surprised to see in the days ahead a significant dissipation in discussion around jitter and more focus on parameters like noise and power-related phenomena. Not that they’re problems necessarily in most circumstances, just that worries about audible jitter have run their course Now if the “bits are NOT bits” folks have any other theories than the one above, I welcome the opportunity to “hear” about it and even better, providing evidence would open up dialogue and improve our overall understanding.

I believe I have been accused of trying to “prove everything sounds the same” by some subjectivists these last few years. I write because I’ve enjoyed this hobby for decades and in the pursuit of “high fidelity”, had reached a point in this hobby where intellectual consistency and I believe honesty compelled me to experiment and explore beliefs which can be empirically verified.

I remember talking to other audiophiles over the years and there were so many questions, yet so few seemed to have any evidence to support what on many occasions appear to be fanciful beliefs! In the process of writing, I have thought about the philosophical “boundaries” between the subjective and objective.

The differentiation of statements and beliefs born of the ” magisterium ” of art impressions, feelings, aesthetics, preference and that which belongs to science design based on engineering principles, electrical energy, and sound waves governed by laws of physics. Both having value, but not always concurrently applicable to the question at hand and with different levels of generalizability.

It has certainly been enjoyable sharing these findings and ideas. My hope has always been to demonstrate that even a “guy in his basement” without the need of thousands of dollars in audio analysers can figure out for himself what is fact and what is hype. The fact that I cannot find differences some of the time is not because I’m “trying” to prove that none exist. Surely one must accept the possibility that there perhaps never was a difference to begin with given the many dubious claims!

Objective results may not correlate with some things like level of enjoyment or personal satisfaction, but it can show what is factual, the magnitude of an effect, and fidelity to an ideal. When I put money down to buy audio products, I do so with the expectation that claims made correlate to real benefits based on applied science quality engineering ; I don’t know if anyone would openly accept that they buy audio gear knowing that they’re after a placebo, spiritual, or magical outcome.

In writing about my experiments in audio, I hope that this adds to open discussion and raise the level of discourse and knowledge among audiophiles. It is a shame that the “professional” audiophile press and spokespersons do not seem interested in answering basic questions like the topic of this post nor in dispelling myths Sadly, at times they even seem to be actively promoting bizarre beliefs and methods like articles over the years by these authors which got even more horrifying by the second article in the series.

As I said, I’ll be on vacation to catch up on other interests for the next few weeks. Along the way, I’m sure to spend some good “quality” time with beloved albums in front of the sound system as well: Enjoy the summer, enjoy the music everyone

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No difference! And jitter? Oh boy, we have a problem It doesn’t appear to be handling the bits properly and instead we end up with around bit resolution at best Well, guess what, I suppose nobody told the developers about this issue! And here is the noise profile: Considering we have gone from version 5. I fail to see how any of this can be construed as “enhancing” sound quality. And I’m of course sure many “golden ears” have been deprived of hi-res 48kHz audio enjoyment because of this bug over the last few years:

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After releasing version , some Fidelizer Pro users reported about Windows Management Instrumentation service not running. I did check again and found that I placed program order incorrectly causing service detection failure on case of running Extremist optimization level. Fidelizer Pro. Posted on January 20, January 20, Full size × Post navigation. Published in Fidelizer Released – New website, new outlook. Find us on. Join discussion. weaq on Windows 10 Transformation/UX Pack Released – Anniversary Update is here;. Jan 20,  · Fidelizer Released – New website, new outlook At last, a new home in website. Now I can focus making dedicated contents to Fidelizer and related audiophile projects since some potential customers are tormented by of ads from my original website hosting freeware projects.

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