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Kasem’s wife Jean appears in the film as the tall guest at Louis’ party. The film also features appearances by porn star Ron Jeremy , and a young Debbie Gibson. Ghostbusters was inspired by Dan Aykroyd ‘s fascination with and belief in the paranormal. In , he read an article on quantum physics and parapsychology in The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research , which gave him the idea of trapping ghosts. It contained the Ghostbusters’ logo and elements such as the Marshmallow Man that were in the finished script. He suggested setting it entirely on Earth would make the extraordinary elements more humorous. He felt if they focused on realism from the beginning then the existence of the Marshmallow Man would be believable by the end. Reitman also conceived the idea of detailing the Ghostbusters’ origins working at a university before starting their business, saying “this was beginning of the s: Reitman had worked with him on Animal House, Meatballs, and Stripes, and believed he could better execute the tone he intended for the script than Aykroyd. Price recounted finding the concept funny but the project itself controversial, as comedies were seen to have a ceiling on profitability.

GhostBuster 111833

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Janet Margolin as the Prosecutor William T. Deutschendorf and Hank J. Several relatives of the cast and crew appear in the film; Murray’s brother Brian Doyle-Murray plays the Ghostbusters’ psychiatric doctor, Aykroyd’s niece Karen Humber portrays a schoolchild, and director Ivan Reitman ‘s children Jason and Catherine portray, respectively, the rude child at the opening birthday party and a girl that is part of Egon’s experiments. He favored smaller films such as the critically acclaimed war film Hope and Glory and the comedy film Bloodhounds of Broadway over big-budget blockbusters. He also greenlit several foreign-language films by European directors because he preferred making films for the “world market”. According to Reitman, the delay occurred because the main actors did not want to make a sequel for nearly three years; by the time they decided to go ahead, Murray was committed to his starring role in the Christmas comedy film Scrooged When Murray was finally ready, the script was not.

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