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HogBay Software TaskPaper MAC Patch + Serial Number Updated July-2020

It’s easy to find and view only a particular project, hiding others; to move items without having to enter a special Edit mode; and even to select multiple items for action. You can also tag any document, project, task, or note by simply adding tagname anywhere within the item. For example, you could use today to tag tasks you want to complete today, work for work-related tasks, and personal for personal items.

HogBay Software TaskPaper MAC

There’s also a Tag With menu command. In fact, when you mark an item as done, what really happens is TaskPaper tags that item with the done tag.

You can then filter your view to show only items with a particular tag. A handy search command lets you search the text of your lists or for items with particular tags. This example is taken from TaskPaper’s Help, which provides more details on the search query. After only a day or so using TaskPaper, creating and navigating documents feels quite natural; you quickly get the hang of the app’s approach to formatting and the tag and filtering features. Oh, and how do you mark an item as “done”?

Instead of checking a box, you swipe to the right, which changes the item’s formatting to strikethrough; to delete an item completely, you swipe to the left and then tap the Delete button. Yes, that’s iPhone-backwards; I would have preferred if the delete action was consistent with other iPhone apps. Of course, for many people, TaskPaper’s standout feature will be the fact that the iPhone app syncs with the Mac version or with whichever text editor you prefer to use on your Mac using Hog Bay’s Google ID-based SimpleText.

You can also create and edit your TaskPaper text files on the SimpleText Website, which even provides a rudimentary versioning system. When using SimpleText sync, just be sure not to edit the same document on your iPhone and Mac simultaneously. Sorry, Windows users, there’s no Windows client; your only option is to create and edit documents on the Web site.

Another appealing feature is support for the TextExpander text-expansion app from within TaskPaper. You can also configure TaskPaper so that a password is required to view or edit any lists, you can lock screen orientation, and you can share your TaskPaper documents over a local network using a built-in Web server On the other hand, TaskPaper doesn’t support undo shaking or otherwise , and many useful features aren’t obvious; for example, there are a number of commands hidden in a menu that appears when you tap on a document’s title–an interface element I’ve never before seen in an iPhone app.

Command click and your project opens in a new tab. A couple of pull down acts like bookmarks letting you go directly to a project, or tag view. Unlike any other so called productivity app, TaskPaper lets you change fonts, font size, font color and background colors. You can personalize it to look right for you. No more forms, with distracting fields all over the place, or columns that are too wide or narrow.

It looks like a well formatted intelligent list, because thats what it is. The back end of TaskPaper is a plain text file. You can move that file to any device, email it in the body of your email, view it in a web browser and even edit it on a PC. Because the syntax of TaskPaper is so transparent you can even create your tasks on a PC then view them on a Mac.

I guess those people just don’t value their time, or feel like anybody should be able to make a living from their programming skills. If I consider how much time TaskPaper has saved me, it pays for itself in hours.

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HogBay Software TaskPaper MAC Patch + Serial Number Updated October-2020

The most basic simply give you a place to list, and check off, your to-dos; the most complex have difficult learning curves and require you to master the program’s intricacies before you can even start using it. Some are designed specifically for the Getting Things Done GTD system; others simply aim to take the place of a sheet of notebook paper. There are no complex formatting buttons and menus: You can also access these commands via the Entry menu in the menu bar or by using keyboard shortcuts. You can create hierarchical entries using the tab key, and rearranging items is also easy: You move a task or note, and any sub-items, by dragging the item’s bullet to a different location in your document. Alternatively, click anywhere in an item and then use the Move To Project command. TaskPaper also lets you add tags to projects, tasks, and notes.

What’s New in HogBay Software TaskPaper MAC?

The cornerstone and greatest strength of TaskPaper is plain text, which is portable, adaptable, and as future proof as you can get. I have used several task managers over the years. I currently use 2Do , which is powerful, flexible, and cross-platform, but I still find myself jotting down task lists in a Field Notes notebook frequently. The allure of a short list written in a notebook is simplicity. TaskPaper feels like my Field Notes in many ways.

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HogBay Software TaskPaper MAC