Instagiffer 1.73

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OME is the video editor I use myself and recommend to people and use myself. While it look as daunting as Cinelerra to use at first sight, it is actually really easy to use. I don’t know who the users are above who think Cinelerra or ANY of the Linux video editors are even remotely close to Adobe Premiere CS4, let alone Final Cut, Express or Pro.

Instagiffer 1.73

Most reviews of Linux editors have concluded that they all have MAJOR stability issues and lack of features for professional video editing.

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You can also use the program with videos that you have stored on your hard drive, or even with a screencast. Give your imagination free rein with Instagiffer, and create GIFS no matter where the video comes from. Your animations will be easy to make, since you only have to specify the start time and duration that you want each animation to have. Selecting start time and duration is measured in minutes, seconds, and tenths of a second, so you have complete control over your final product. Instagiffer also includes additional options that enable you to change the quality and aspect of the GIF until you are pleased with the results. With this tool, you can change the number of frames per second, modify the overall size, add effects, and even add text to the GIF. Technische Details.

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Instagiffer 1.73. Instagiffer Tutorial

Instagiffer 1.73