IP Shifter 3.0.2

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The view will react and show you only JPEG files. Want to exclude files? Then type a starting pipe before the filter example: The view will show everything but JPEG files.

IP Shifter 3.0.2

If you want to keep track of examined files you can tag them. Four colors are available. There are keys also for yellow, green and blue tagging. Use them as you wish. You can also filter on tags example: You can also exclude tagged files example: Type the condition in the filter field example: Validation of the container. If specified, the value must be no more than 15 characters, have at least one letter [a-z] and contain only [a-z]. Hyphens cannot be leading or trailing characters, or adjacent to each other.

Resources generated by the web console, command line tooling, or templates were all updated to conform to the updated syntax. Existing data may require manual modification to either remove the container. Failure to do so may result in an inability to create pod resources that specify the invalid syntax. A symptom of an invalid configuration would be the production of a large number of Event resources whose Event. Reason is failedCreate and whose Event. Operators must edit the Event.

InvolvedObject to address the invalid configuration by doing an oc edit command. Pending removal: Builds marked only with the build label will no longer be considered part of their parent build configuration in OpenShift Enterprise 3.

You can see a list of affected builds by running: The spec. Use maxUnavailable and maxSurge instead. Enhancements Security Secrets were previously limited to only being available in pods when the service account referenced them. To make it easier to use secrets in templates, this is now disabled by default.

Cluster administrators can override this by setting the serviceAccountConfig. Project administrators can also set the “kubernetes. Platform Groups of users are now supported.

Cluster administrators can use the oadm groups command to manage them. Service accounts are now more easily bound to roles through the new subjects field, as described in Backwards Compatibility above. Web Console You can now deploy, rollback, retry, and cancel deployments from the web console. You can now cancel running builds from the web console. Improvements have been made to layout and readability at mobile resolutions.

You can now customize the web console and login page. The router can now be configured to serve a subset of the routes in your deployment: Pass –namespace to the router command to select routes in a single namespace. The label list is updated every 10 minutes or when the router restarts, so new projects may not instantly get served. Both the F5 and HAProxy routers now allow only the first route by creation timestamp with a given host or generated host when you omit the Host field to claim that route name.

If multiple routes with the same host but different paths are defined, all routes in the same namespace as the oldest route with that host will be included.

If the oldest route is deleted, and the next oldest route is in a different namespace, only routes in that other namespace will be served. Images Importing or creating a new app with an image from Docker v2 registries is now supported. The oc import-image command can now create image streams with the –from flag, specifying the image repository you want to import.

When you tag an image with oc tag into an image stream that does not exist, an image stream can now be automatically created. Storage The oc volume command now lists by default and shows you additional information about each volume type. Persistent volume claims now show whether they are provisioned or not, their size, and details about their bound persistent volume.

The oc volume command can also now create a new persistent volume claim for you if you specify the –claim-size flag. CLI The –list flag has been added to the oc new-app command to display list of available images and templates. The –short and -q flags have been added to the oc project command to only display the project name. Builds Multiple image change triggers are now allowed in build configurations.

The –env flag has been added to oc new-build, allowing you to set environment variables on your S2I builds. The –wait flag has been added to oc start-build, allowing you to wait for the build completion without viewing the logs.

Templates The required attribute has been added to template parameters. Templates now cannot be instantiated without supplying a value for all required parameters. Remote Execution The oc rsh command now accepts commands and arguments after the pod is specified: A number of stability and hanging issues have been resolved with oc exec and oc rsh.

However, Docker 1. Bug Fixes For Developers The web console now allows users to specify the Git reference branch or tag from which their build will be created. BZ Users may now specify the replica count by adjusting the scale of a deployment configuration. This is useful for setting the replica count before a replication controller has been created so that the value will be used for replication controllers created in the future.

BZ Docker client libraries were updated, and OpenShift can now import images from authenticated Docker v2 registries. Updated the set of labels generated when creating a new application from source in the web console, just as in the CLI with oc new-app. Improved the display of builds in the web console.

Builds in which a pod is not created are no longer marked as successful in the web console. S2I builds that may run as root are now prevented from starting, based on security context constraints on the builder service account. Remote shell access to builder containers is now prevented.

Builds are now listed in the CLI according to creation timestamp. Builds from oc new-app are now started immediately with the configuration change trigger.

The help text for oc get projects has been fixed. Hangs when using oc exec without a TTY no longer occur. The oc import-image command no longer panics when an error occurs. In most cases, this certificate should be provided by a trusted certificate authority, but for convenience you can use the OpenShift CA to create the certificate. For example: So in this example, the certificate would be valid for a. Using Secured Routes Currently, password protected key files are not supported.

HAProxy prompts for a password upon starting and does not have a way to automate this process. To remove a passphrase from a keyfile, you can run: The secure edge terminated route specifies the TLS certificate and key information. The TLS certificate is served by the router front end. First, start up a router instance: The instructions on how to do that would be specific to your certificate authority and provider.

For a simple self-signed certificate for a domain named www. Make sure to replace servicename my-service with the name of your service. Route metadata: Service name: The example below uses curl along with a local resolver to simulate the DNS lookup: This default behavior benefits performance because network traffic from remote clients does not need to take multiple hops through user space to reach the target service and container.

This is useful for defining ingress rules based on the originating IP, supporting sticky sessions, and monitoring traffic, among other uses. Running with the container network stack means that the router sees the source IP address of a connection to be the NATed IP address of the node, rather than the actual remote IP address.

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Version 3. One of the benefits of this Software is the graphics and user-friendly interface. On a five-point scale, IP Shifter Software content rating is a received a rating of 5. Download the latest version of IP Shifter Software 3. If you want to download and install the IP Shifter Software on your Android device, download it here faster.

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From ZqWare: If you work dynamically at several locations in the network due to business , you need to be connected in different offices, or you need to use your computer in more than one network, in these cases, you have to change your IP address parameters IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway, DNS or browser proxy frequently, so IP Shifter is a product for you. What do you need to know about free software? Publisher’s Description From ZqWare:

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IP Shifter 3.0.2