Just Color Picker 4.2

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The window can be resized to accommodate large fonts and lengths of text. Colour List If you want to keep some colours separately for future use, go to the Save As menu to save the colour list to a new text file. Use the Open menu item to load it back later.

Just Color Picker 4.2

The Clear All command clears the list. You can also save the picked colours to an HTML file, which displays the picked colours in a more user-friendly format, with colour swatches, but keep in mind that HTML files cannot be loaded back into the colour picker. By default, when you close Just Color Picker, it saves all colours present in its colour list to a file named jcpicker. On each start, Just Color Picker opens that file and re-populates the colour list.

If jspicker. It can also read, edit and save GIMP. Portability and jcpicker. Just double click the downloaded jcpicker. If you want to remove Just Color Picker from your computer, simply exit it and delete its.

However, when Just Color Picker is run from a portable device, e. USB memory stick, it creates a jcpicker. The jcpicker. Those who would prefer Just Colour Picker to create the. With this key, Just Color Picker will create the. Alternatively, you can download this. Once there is a jcpicker.

If you want to transfer Just Color Picker to another device or computer with all your settings, simply copy both jcpicker. Use command line or Run command from the Start menu. Type the path to the jcpicker. For example, if you placed jcpicker. The first two characters of HTML and HEX code or the first number of RGB code define the red component, the next two characters or the second number define the green component, and the last two characters or the last number define the blue.

The lower the saturation of a colour, the more faded or dull the colour looks. The higher the saturation, the purer and more intense the colour appears. Mixing pure colours with white produces so-called tints and reduces saturation. Tint, shade and tone: The Lightness L — sometimes also called Luminance, Luminosity or Intensity — controls both shading and tinting. The transition from black to a pure hue to white is symmetric and is achieved solely by changing the lightness: HSL colour representation If you require the parameters to be in the 0—1.

CMYK is a colour model used in colour printing. It refers to the four printer inks — Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key black ; with each value ranging from 0 to Just Colour Picker uses the simplest conversion, sufficient for most design applications. Delphi TColor format is a colour representation used in Delphi and Lazarus programming languages. Using keyboard for a greater mouse pointer precision on Windows There are two ways to move the mouse cursor using the keyboard.

The simple way: The global way: Windows offers the Mouse Keys option for controlling the mouse cursor with keyboard. To be able to move the mouse pointer with keys on your keyboard, you need to switch this feature on: In Windows XP: In Windows 7: In Windows 8: Now you should be able to use the numeric keypad on your keyboard for moving the mouse pointer as follows: Enabling this option will affect the whole system, not only Just Color Picker. Using keyboard for a greater mouse pointer precision on macOS X There are two ways to move the mouse cursor using the keyboard.

With a numeric keypad: One of the main advantages of Just Color Picker is that it was created by a person who uses it on an everyday basis. It is a software for designers and digital artists created by a designer and digital artist. Just Color Picker features: Most widely-used formats of colour codes: Averaged colour sampling for easy handling of colour noise. Calculation of the pixel distance between points.

Colour list for saving and reusing the picked colour samples. The ability to open, edit and save Adobe Photoshop.

Harmonious colour scheme generator. Gradient transition between the two colours for creating a wide range of in-between hues.

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Average rating: With Just Color Picker, finding the colors, saving, editing and mixing them into great color combinations is a fast and easy job. One of the principal benefit of Just Color Picker is that it was developed by a person who uses it on an daily basis. With this option, you can rapidly find a good mix of colours, for example for your web site. Just select the principal color of your design, and the colour picker will provide a few colors matching with it. Pros Free and easy to use. Many color format options.

Features of Just Color Picker 4.2

Reviewed by Joshua Larson on 25 Nov “Free colour picker and colour-editing tool. The artist needs to express themselves with as little resistance as possible. Just Color Picker makes this goal much easier to accomplish, making once difficult tasks like identifying colors easy, and painless. Just color picker was developed by someone who actually needed to use it every day, so you know it’s built to be highly functional. It’s fully compatible with all Windows operating systems, and requires no installation.

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Just Color Picker 4.2