Logicity – For Crystal Reports 1.6.0004

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It is also possible to view these reports directly from your inbox. What is Crystal Reports Viewer Software? Today, business is all about communication. If you can communicate the advantages and uses of your product in a convincing way, you can achive big success. Crystal reports are modern way to communicate different business aspects.

Logicity – For Crystal Reports 1.6.0004

Crystal reports cannot be opened without a supporting software. You can use crystal reports viewer download websites to learn more about them. Today, it is even possible to schedule these programs anytime you want. If you want to share these reports, you can directly attache them to your e-mail. This is very convenient for busy busines people. Solution builder is also available for these software systems.

There are two types of crystal reports viewer software applications. Online User Forum The most popular option is our online user forum. Simply create a forum account, post your question and join in the discussion. During our downtime, our Logicity developers and support gurus will pop in on the discussions and answer some questions too.

To the Forums! Logicity Desktop will open, and the report will run. The user will be prompted to complete any required parameters or database login information. When the user clicks the refresh button in Logicity Desktop, it will prompt the user for any required parameters and then execute the RPT file.

The resulting report is displayed, and can be exported, saved or e-mailed with current data. Logicity can automatically execute a Crystal Report and save the output to a shared directory on a local file or network file system.

Email Reports to Anyone Logicity can be used to schedule and automatically execute and email Crystal Reports to various recipients. Schedule Crystal Reports Automatically Logicity is also a Crystal Reports scheduler application which can be set-up on a desktop or server to schedule a Crystal Report to run automatically at regular intervals – hourly, daily, every week or every month.

A Crystal Report scheduler can be used to automate the emailing of a Crystal Report to different users or to save separate report instances to a file system. Save Report Instances for Archiving Report Instances are a great way to view historical report snapshots and are incredibly easy to implement using Logicity. Schedule a Logicity Solution that saves your report, using whatever runtime variable matches the frequency with which you will be running the solution.

Saved Database Authentication Logicity provides the ability to set the database username and password per report, thus eliminating the need for the user to enter this information at runtime. Use Solution Builder to Execute Reports in Specific Ways Users can set-up “solutions” report runtime definition files to specify the pre-defined actions to perform on specific reports.

An unlimited number of reports can be defined in a single Solution, with any mix of supported actions you wish to use. Email, print, save and view! Why Go Pro? Every 6. To all of you out there, we would like to thank you for choosing and using Logicity. Have you ever wondered if the grass might be greener over here on the Pro side? Support – Get Help Fast We try to monitor the user support forums, but there’s no better feeling than being able to pick up the phone and call us.

Your time is worth money. Get the problem solved and move on with your day. Logicity can require the user enter a password before running your reports. Bosses love this sort of thing. Report Logging – Who, What and When What if you needed to know right now who was running what reports and when? Trust us, it would feel really good to have that answer at your fingertips.

About Logicity – For Crystal Reports 1.6.0004

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Logicity – For Crystal Reports 1.6.0004. Crystal Reports Scheduler & Viewer – Crystal Reports Automation – Free Version 2017

Logicity – For Crystal Reports 1.6.0004