MAutopan 7.02

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All multiband plugins are now horizontally resizable for sake of resizing the crossover editor. Easy screen bar graphs now support origins. Added “Clear window settings cache” button to Settings, useful as an extreme case fix. Added Save template and Process template features to multiparameter manager.

MAutopan 7.02

Arp can now be unsynced, driven by its own tempo. Added Transform level parameter controlling the depth of level transformation. Added Origin to all multiparameters. Added Make first and reordering feature to multiparameters.

Selected parameter in banks mode in MP editors is now highlighted. Added Checkbox multiparameter editor mode. Equalizers didn’t close the band settings when preset was loaded. Multiparameter manager didn’t store undo. Improved VST3 batch support. Modulator editors now take size based on selected mode, making it smaller and readjusting when the mode changes. Controller selection in MIDI settings is now accessible via multiparameters.

Additional optimizations for algorithms based on variable delay lines such as flanger, chorus, comb Double-clicking a multiparameter in manager now displays its settings and changing the settings updates the info in the manager. Improved MIDI settings. Selecting multiple graph points and dragging a different one didn’t clear the selection and it didn’t update the points being moved. MultiParameter manager was displaying incorrect names after reordering. High-quality upsampling switch has been moved directly to the upsampling settings window.

Added Liquid time device to MTurboDelay, featuring reverse delays and other creative effects. Multiparameter reorder transformed to a manager with some advanced capabilities. Improved behaviour of multiselection listboxes. Device parameter didn’t report current device name to the DAW in plugins with easy screens. Bars on the easy screen would not update if the last one only would be modulated. All expression evaluators optimized.

Improved unit display for XY pads. Disabled mutliparameters now stop working completely, not only GUI-wise. Dynamics processors in logarithmic mode could produce high spikes in some specific circumstance. MultiParameters in “Check-boxes horizontal below” didn’t disable the checkbox labels when the MP was disabled. Tabs displayed as popups might not have a title. Super-resolution analysis mode might have theoretically cause crashes no cases have been reported though.

Randomizer multiparameters might have not worked. Active presets are now called Devices or Instruments for instrument plugins. Added marks for multiparameters for plugins with many of them, for easier orientation.

Added Separate collapsing option for multiparameters. VST3 versions now avoid reseting when playback is reset by DAW due to change of playback state known is Reaper , so that it would clear the view of analyzers for example.

Implemented new multiparameter reordering system. Added multiparameter editor mode “Switcher no arrows “. Added global option “Store resampled files” to Settings, which allows you to disable creating resampled files used to optimize startup and loading of various plugins.

Switching presets while editing multiparameters could sometimes end up with multiparameter editor not showing the correct info. Easy screen XY pad didn’t have a help even if there was a help info. Surround wasn’t available for VST3. Plugins were not working in ProTools 10 on macOS. VST3 was behaving weird in Samplitude. Added Randomizer switch to all multiparameters available in Trigger mode , which allows you to implement a randomizer for a set of parameters.

Parameter selection tree now performs human-like sorting, which puts say “Mod 11” after “Mod 2”, despite it’s the other way around from computer’s point of view. Added expression evaluator and CSV import to all graph editors.

Visible parameter of all multiparameters can now be modulated. MCompare now stores resampled files to speed up project loading. Added dotted sync modes to all time text edit popups. Added info about current latency to all effect plugins to Settings window. Analyzers no longer resize vertically except for MAnalyzer and MMultiAnalyzer to allow other graphs resize independently. Most plugins now store zoom state of the main graph editor if applicable in the plugin settings.

Multiparameter reorder stopped being available if some of the multiparameter names contained XML specific characters. Root folder in preset windows sometimes displayed slightly higher number of presets than the actual number. It was possible to create naming of banks, which would cause a crash when used as a menu on easy screen. Latency may not have updated in some problematic hosts Studio One. Analyzers didn’t work properly for sampling rates under 40kHz. Switching to undefined A-H presets in plugins with easy screens was swiching to edit screen.

Assigning a multiparameter to itself and trying to enter its value based on the first parameter hence itself , would crash. Added Reset mode to MLoudnessAnalyzer replacing No reset switch , which provides additional control on “when the meters are automatically reset”. Added Reset all feature to multiparameter menu. Double-clicking a preset loaded the preset, but also might started moving it in the list of presets.

Restored oscillator shape presets and randomization. Insidious crash could occur in some very rare conditions, most likely associated with extreme oversampling. Changing EQ band Enable didn’t update the band settings window. ProTools froze when loading ProTools presets. Clicking band enable from band list of any EQ in Cubase may or may not have worked.

Can be disabled from Settings. It will not load MB active presets correctly of course. MultiParameters in meters mode now have parameter limits to control the metering range.

Added Randomizable option to multiparameters. Clicking modulator button second time now hides the modulator editor. Improved support for automation and Cubase’s QC learn.

MultiParameters in Meters mode may have not worked. Plugins might have restored bigger size after loading a project, than needed, if some GUI items have been collapsed. Time graph settings popup made Logic stuck and unable to quit. Automating active presets confused some hosts known is ProTools making them temporarily overwrite their own automation. Text edit window in Cubase in macOS could make the plugins control an incorrect parameter on next touch.

Online update check didn’t work. Added “Interpolate between 1 and 0” option to all signal generators. Plugins no longer report stepped parameters to ProTools due to various bugs in ProTools. Plugins could crash in some old macOS versions Hacked bug in Ableton Live with automation disabled during rendering.

Scrollers disable zooming buttons when locked. Multiparameter reorder menu now has a better number of columns. Added Insert and Delete multiparameter features, that should simplify editing complex multiparameter structures. Note that these actually do note delete, but reorder multiparameters.

Improved support of obscure WAV formats. Resampled files for convolution are now hidden. Graph editors now show units of the point under the cursor even if nothing is being edited. Reodering multiparameters now keeps associations for modulators and parameter lock. VST3 and AAX plugins now report number of potential values for each parameter to simplify automation. Pressing and holding Alt while dragging graph points will snap to grid.

Velocity modes added to MIDI note controllers. Installer optimized, uninstallation of previous versions is now silent Fix: Some WAV file formats couldn’t be loaded. Deactivation might not have worked. Modulator’s restore when disabled feature wasn’t often working properly. Plugins didn’t store tablet mode. Harmonics in equalizers were wrong if Linear scale was enabled and number of semitones was diffent than the default Color sections in some meters crest were incorrect.

Multiparameter quick learn might not have worked for some parameters inside panels. Collapsing a preset subtree didn’t update the list of presets even if the selected tree has been changed. Sometimes “? Progress windows didn’t display on macOS.

AGC didn’t work when upsampling was enabled. Please note that it is a community tool, hence it would be good to submit some for the other users. Piano editor octaves are now marked C-1, C0, C Added symbols to virtual keyboard: Loading a preset without any easy screen editors switched to edit screen even if the preset was supposed to show easy screen, which wouldn’t make sense however.

Randomizing multiparameter banks could lead to a crash. Editing a graph using finetuning could end up freezing in some cases. The defaults have also been updated for better workflow with various styles. Online preset exchange didn’t work.

MReverb, MStereoSpread and potentially other plugins others are not known could cause a mono output. Various optimizations and performance enhancements. Horizontal bar graph units are now aligned to the right for better clarity.

Buttons are now slightly colorized too. Added Offline subscription update feature, which lets you update the subscription status in the plugins even for computers disconnected from the internet. Cancelling Custom shape edit in any oscillator would revert to the initial state when opening the plugin instead of the previous state.

Updating subscription licence while not connected disabled the subscription even if there was still time. Holding Shift while pressing the Paste button under A-H now allows you to replace all A-H slots with settings from the clipboard.

Online preset exchange no longer creates subfolders to make things cleaner. Improved super-resolution feature in analyzers, which now avoids modifying the analysis slope. MultiParameters on the edit screen didn’t have additional text editors e. Parameter lock when randomizing didn’t work in VST3. Waveform display could fill some of the waves despite there was no reason to.

Changing latency didn’t update latency compensation for channel modes, smart bypass and other advanced subsystems. Time graph settings presets didn’t update resolution after loading. Plugins could crash if style resize factor became 0 somehow it is unclear how that happened. Multiband plugins didn’t have presets for individual bands. Trying to display help for a menu didn’t work and caused problems, so it is now disabled. Plugins could crash in certain situations when displaying graphs with time smart units.

Default settings improved to a new more efficient and reliable method. Batch processing WAV files now keeps all custom metadata. Improved unofficial support for Linux via Wine. Loudness range meters didn’t show a correct text value. Added envelope curvatures: Added asymmetric shaping, which can generate even harmonics.

Added DC blocker and default mode is now linear. Added linear harmonics mode to all parameteric dynamic equalizers. Oscillator step sequencer now support multiple step shapes. Added “Invert” feature to all parametric equalizers. Oscillator harmonics graphs’ units now follow number of harmonics. MDelay could increase amount of required memory under certain circumstances. Installer on Windows didn’t move shared IRs into the new location. Analyzers didn’t store “Enable when hidden” mode. Project storage in memory and on disk was increasing when repeatedly saved.

Help windows now provide “Show in web browser” button you can use to create a documentation and show it in your browser. Hold ctrl to reset individual meters. Step sequencer grid now follows the number of steps. Plugin configurations and presets on Windows moved to MeldaProduction subfolder. Improved MStereoGenerator audio quality.

Freezing some drums could lead to a crash. Keyboard input on Mac OS X with older Carbon interfaces sometimes generated backspaces instead of letters. MStereoGenerator could occasionally freeze. This includes mute, volume, pan, pitch and sends. Added an advanced analyzer to equalizers. File selectors have been highly optimized. Added “save drumset” feature into the Quick setup. MConvolution GUI has been redesigned for easier workflow. Loop generator now adjusts to target signature even if it is higher than source loops.

Decreased default sound volume. Optimized preset and settings storage. Rhythm generator now stops audio processing during rhythm generator to avoid overloading CPU. Sample import can now automatically generate snare drum 2 from snare drum 1 and hihat closing can be disabled.

LU meters can now show momentary, short-term and integrated loudness. Equalizer band points are now slightly smaller. Automation has been optimized. All drum channels now default to 0. Sample import enabled Freeze causing high CPU requirements and deadlocks. Some changes in mixer on freezed drums weren’t updating. A Windows message was poping when trying to access an unavailable drive. Additional volumes couldn’t be accessed on Mac. Rhythm generator no longer loads target channel from settings as this was confusing.

Clicking on a mixer button and then pressing an arrow key could lead to a crash. Loop export didn’t work correctly under certain circumstances. Clicking edit icon in the drum pads could lead to a crash. VST3 was causing crashes under some hosts and specific configurations.

Envelope draw mode didn’t work well with snap to grid enabled. Popup windows with some keyboard shortcuts could lead to a crash on Mac. Delete and backspace keys have been swapped on Mac. Loudness meters text value was showing “silence” with values under 0 LU. Dragging equalizer Q didn’t work very well on Mac. MCompressor didn’t display gain reduction and peak levels between multiple channels. Besides the standard set available in previous versions, it now contains set of electronic drums samples, subsample libraries and a multisampled MTotalPercussion 1.

All drumsets have been recreated for better audio quality, less CPU consumption and better compatibility with each other. MDrummer now contains almost drumsets and components. New set of rhythms, base rhythms and grooves – MDrummer’s rhythm system has been modernized as well, with about rhythms from pop to drum’n’bass to percussion rhythms, base rhythms for generating your own styles, background percussion rhythms and grooves.

GUI completely reorganized – MDrummer is now much easier to use and the workflow is much quicker, despite many new features have been added. Added drum pad mode for simple normal-drum-machine-like behaviour. New drumset generator algorithm – MDrummer can now generate drumsets from the thousands of included components and it can also literally generate new components, additional effect layers and even effect chains for each drum.

Added loop generator – loop editor now provides generate function, which can literally generate new loops a directory of existing ones. Great for creating new grooves. Added 2 send channels. Added drum-type categories. Huge audio quality improvements for MHarmonizer.

What is MAutopan 7.02

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MAutopan 7.02