MetarWeather 1.72

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MetarWeather 1.72

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However, you can also view the latest weather reports without using the above Web sites, because the MetarWeather utility automatically obtains the METAR data from NOAA web site and immediately displays the decoded weather information in a table. Using MetarWeather This utility is a standalone executable. You don’t have to install anything, just run the executable file mweather. You can find the station you need by selecting the desired country, or by typing the station name in the top text-box. In order to select a station, click the check-box beside the station information. This download source is quite ineffective, especially if you want to download METAR reports from multiple stations. It’s provided only as a backup to the first NOAA download source. University of Wyoming: The stations list in this utility is based on the stations list maintained by Greg Thompson. If you have a text file that contains raw METAR reports, you can select this file, and view the weather reports in readable format.

MetarWeather 1.72 Features

-metar: Decodes the METAR line inside [“METAR Source”]-file: Decodes the METARs lines inside a text file specified in [“METAR Source”]-download: Opens the main window of MetarWeather, downloads the latest METARs from the Internet, according to the last stations list that you selected in the METAR download dialog-box, saves the decoded METARS to the specified file, and then exits from . Download and install MetarWeather safely and without concerns. MetarWeather is a software product developed by NirSoft Freeware and it is listed in Other category under Weather. MetarWeather is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product.5/5(1). Jan 22,  · MetarWeather MetarWeather ZDARMA. Dekódování METAR zpráv pro získání zpráv o počasí. Stáhnout zdarma. MetarWeather dekóduje METAR zprávy o počasí z celého světa a zobrazuje je v jednoduché tabulce zpráv o počasí. Můžete uložit zprávu o počasí do souboru jako text, HTML nebo XML. MetarWeather umí dekódovat Operating System: Windows 95/98/me/nt//xp.

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MetarWeather 1.72. GS: How To Decode METARs and TAFs – Part 1 – The Simple Stuff

MetarWeather 1.72