Mozilla Lightning Project 4.0 Beta 3

Mozilla Lightning Project 4.0 Beta 3 Crack + Keygen & Torrent 2020

A quick fix was done to take care. In total, were some authentication issues and an error loading calendars. We knew we had to release a 2. The reason for this was a regression in the Mozilla Platform around Thunderbird The binary component we have was built with a specifc compiler flag with a parameter that was too strict. Another problem why this was so hard to figure out for users is that some Linux distributions decided to skip the minor releases and only do We still needed to release consequent Lightning versions though, otherwise users using the stock builds would complain.

Mozilla Lightning Project 4.0 Beta 3

We decided there needs to be a quick fix, and it was just in time for Lightning 2. The binary compatibility bug had been fixed by now, so this should also be the first version that is compatible to any version of Thunderbird Yet another one Now this is the release that really annoyed me.

First of all, I did a bad job on one of the patches. These are the kinds of issues we could have easily figured out before the release with more and better unit tests. We might have even saved another release. Conclusion We probably could have known about all of these issues beforehand if we had tests to catch them. Just running the any of the tests using the build machinery would have caught the binary compatibility issue. See this support article for details.

Time zone data can now include past and future changes. All known time zone changes from to are included. In each conversation an individual spellcheck language can be selected now Changed: Add-on support: Add-ons are only supported if add-on authors have adapted them Changed: Dictionary support: Only WebExtension dictionaries are supported now.

Both addons. Theme support: Only WebExtension themes are supported now. The stand-alone options window has been removed, all options are now shown in a tab Changed: Changed UI when installing add-ons Changed: Application menu aka “Hamburger menu” Changed: Improvements when entering, selecting and removing recipients in the Write window Changed: WeTransfer is already included.

Dropbox and Box. Text and background colors in the Write window and custom colors for tags are no longer restricted to a fixed 10×7 matrix of HTML colors Changed: Composition text and background colors no longer sent by default. UI improvements for external and detached attachments, now showing as links with New menu option “Open Containing Folder” Changed: Toggle preference mail. Improved phishing attempt detection for messages with certain forms Changed: Improvements to scam warnings Changed: Reply to self will now search all identities default of preference mailNews.

Maildir now uses the message ID as file name and “eml” as file extension Changed: UI improvements for event dialog Changed: Thunderbird’s calendar add-on Lightning now uses the same version numbering scheme Changed: Affected servers must be updated to use a different certificate.

If Thunderbird displays an error message which states that an additional policy constraint has failed, you should check if the server uses a certificate issued by one of the mentioned brands. Additional information on Mozilla’s action is available at here.

Column choice and sort order in “Search Messages” dialog lost after relaunch Fixed:

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Lightning Beta: We do however have a great new feature to save copies of invitations to your calendar. We also have more general improvements in invitation compatibility, performance and stability and some slight visual enhancements. Although its highly unlikely that severe problems will arise, you are encouraged to make a backup before switching to beta. If you have questions or have found a bug, feel free to leave a comment here. This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 28th, at You can follow any comments to this entry through the RSS 2.

Mozilla Lightning Project 4.0 Beta 3