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It has become evident that An-Najah university is adopting more modernized educational system with distinguished features e. Hence, the university will lead a comprehensive societal development: Development is sought by all Arabs to reach prosperity. As far as universities are the resources of knowledge and social progress ,they became vital to make economic, societal 26 21 March Proceedings of the 3rd EMUNI Research Souk development and modernity, in addition to diversity and creating skillful and knowledgeable individuals Imad,,p.

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This study highlights the role of An-Najah National University in developing Palestinian local community to provide prosperity for all people.

Research Problem and Questions: The problem can be summed up in measuring the extent of An- Najah National University in developing Local Palestinian community in light of challenges and conflicts encountering higher education in Palestine either economic, political, cultural or technological.

A set of standards are available to carry out the aims of the study. The study tries to answer the following questions: Study Significance: It aims to confirm the important role of education to draw a future image for building social prosperity.

Table 1: A comparison between this study and previous ones: This study will provide vital information for decision makers at the university. Supporting Education 2. Development projects 3. Problem Solving Limitations: The study is limited to data collected from An-Najah Heads of Departments by completing a questionnaire. Methodology This study follows the descriptive, analytic method which depends on collecting, comparing and explaining data to find out results. Besides, it is intended to study links among its variables and to choose its causation.

Sample size: It consists of 44 heads of departments. Sample Type: Simple random sample is used here by: Information Resources 1- Primary resources: A thesis. D thesis, University of Jordan, Jordan. Kerjcie, R. Challenges and Possibilities Prof. As any student community there have strengths and weaknesses which some relate to the individual while other factors belong to the educational system and the environment whereby the learning and socialization take place.

Personal genuine talents are always conditioned by the social environment and the institutional capacity to provide an opportunity for growth and development. The Arabic Education System is in need for reform to be able to compete with the contemporary challenges and expectations which will be demonstrated by its outcomes; the graduates.

Its un-dismissible fact that college graduates in the Arab world lack certain competencies the market demands or the newly reformed institutions expect. At An-Najah National University has realized its successes and achievements throughout the years as well as the challenges stem from its commitment for Quality Education. This comes from its vision as a leadership in higher education and its contribution into the sustainable development in Palestine.

Thus, NNU does not save any opportunity for development to improve its deliverables. One of the latest projects NNU has adopted is specifically designed to enhance graduates readiness for the market and improve their ability to contribute to the sustainable development of their community. The Competency Development Project which was launched in Oct. However, due to limitations 33 21 March Proceedings of the 3rd EMUNI Research Souk in finance and human resources, the project focuses in the time being on the newly admitted students and on the senior graduates who are about ready to finish their study.

Approximately five hundred students benefitted from the project between Oct-Dec, and over thousand students are expected to benefit from it during the period from Feb-May, The project plan anticipates approximately two thousand students to enroll in the workshops offered by this project every year.

The Nature of the Project: The project integrates number of personal competencies in a practice-oriented workshops defined as university required courses. The elements of the project range from simple appearance skills up to leadership. The project is implemented through five modules as described below: The local market in Palestine under the occupation suffers from severe difficulties most of which are result of the Israeli occupation which had been for decades.

The ability for this market to absorb college graduates is limited, thus creates an additional challenge before the university management as well as before the graduates and their families.

The financial burden students suffer makes it an obligation for the university to limit the education costs to minimum affordable level which puts a pressure on the university to manage other needs and obligations. However, the university has established an Alumni career service unit in Dec, to provide the gradates with job opportunity in addition to professional development training workshops.

Additionally, the Alumni unit regularly, holds job fares inviting institutions and organizations to meet and interview graduates on campus. Job offers gained could be at the local as well as regional level in number of neighboring Arab countries. The university has established a Competency Development Review Board in Oct, made of deans of colleges and some administrators and student representative along with 34 21 March Proceedings of the 3rd EMUNI Research Souk representatives from the community ranging from private, government and NGO sectors.

This board emphasizes mutual collaboration between NNU and the market community in addition to stressing upon the role of the organizations to provide internships for senior students on regular basis. On the other hand the university provides the community with numerous professional consultations and services, given through faculty members from different fields. The university considers the competency development project as a strategic initiative which will support the quality performance of its students as they graduate and to enhance their role as active citizens in the community.

Despite all odds, NNU has ranked the first education institution in Palestine, the 5th in the Arab world by the webometrics, th Worldwide in Feb. The followings are the summary of the competency project: This project predicates upon a single philosophy: Learn- Understand- Do, with focus on Learning how to Learn.

The Vision of the Project: When the quality of their university graduates is assessed, some universities value education and research, others believe in the value of ‘on-the-job’ training and others counts on personal talents as qualities necessary to make an outstanding professional and active citizen.

It is the vision of this office is to prepare students not only qualified in their field, but to graduate them with the competencies that will make them a more capable, more competent, and more employable graduate. As the leading institution of higher education in Palestine, and one that takes as its ultimate mission the amelioration of the Palestinian community, NNU realizes its responsibility to contribute to the process of building a modern, independent state in Palestine.

This is achieved by instilling excellence and quality in its graduates and by providing the market with competent graduates who are able to demonstrate distinguished capabilities at the professional and personal level. The unemployment rate and the marginal contribution of young generation of college graduates in the Arab World and the surrounding neighborhood demonstrate a desperate need for a Paradigm Shift in the entire Education systems in the region.

An-Najah National University has drawn the road map for such change. Practice oriented graduate is capable to take an active role at the local as well as at the global stage. The Mission: The office of president Asst. Provide the market with well- 36 21 March Proceedings of the 3rd EMUNI Research Souk educated, competent graduates who are able to play active role in the community through the following objectives: The Objectives: Enhance students communications skills and self-confidence 2.

Enhance self-management skills ,goal achievement ,success and other Emotional Intelligence skills. Enhance relationship management skills, team work and other Social Intelligence skills. Enhance leadership and decision making skills and impact on others. Fine tune and sharpen students personality through providing opportunity to develop above skills. Enhance students quality to perform with the competitive edge which will secure employment and independence. Enhance students ability to contribute effectively into the national sustainable development process.

After successful participation in the five phases of the competency building process, students are expected to acquire and demonstrate the following competencies: Intelligent communications skills and manifested self confidence. Self-management ,goal-achievement and other Emotional Intelligent skills.

Relationship management, team work and other Social Intelligent skills. Leadership, decision-making and impact on others skills. Character with distinguished and competitive competencies. They produce frames to be transmitted. Once a frame is generated the station is blocked and does nothing until the frame has been successfully transmitted. All stations can transmit and receive on it.

In a collision, both frames are completely lost. Frames that have collided must be retransmitted. All stations can detect collisions. There are no errors other than those generated by collision. There are no discrete time intervals.

Slotted Time Time is divided into discrete intervals slots Data can only be transmitted in a slot. Slots can contain 0, 1, or more frames. LANs generally use Carrier Sense but not satellite networks. Once it is idle, the Stn transmits. If a collision occurs the stn waits for a random amount of time and starts all over again. Known as 1-persistent because the probability that it will transmit on an idle channel is 1. Simultaneous Txn will result in collisions. If idle it transmits its frame.

If channel is busy, the node waits for random time and then repeats the algorithm. Less greedy than 1-persistent protocol which continues to sense the channel to try to seize it immediately upon detecting the end of previous transmission.

Lt Col Chandan Tiwari Applies to slotted channels. Node senses channel. If idle, it transmits with probability p.

With probability 1-p it defers till next slot. If that slot is also idle, it either transmits or defers with probability p and 1-p respectively. The process continues till either the frame has been transmitted or another stn has started transmitting.

In latter case, stn waits for random time and starts same algorithm again. Lt Col Chandan Tiwari Comparison of the channel utilization versus load for various random access protocols. Lt Col Chandan Tiwari Stations abort transmission on detecting collision as opposed to continuing to send out data that will be lost anyway. In CSMA, each collision wastes at least one complete frame time, because both stations transmit their complete frames even though they are garbled the instant they collide.

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