Multiple Choice Quiz Maker

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A teacher builds a question test. Then the teacher creates a course and links both quizzes and students to the course. The teacher supplies the students with their logins and when the student logs in, they are automatically notified about the assigned course. Quiz Global allows students to take sample tests and study test questions from the Quiz Global website.

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker

Teachers may review question statistics, obtaining the most incorrectly answered questions and view all students historic results. When the teacher is ready for their class to take the live test, they simply set the number of times allowed to play to 1. Alternatively if the teacher can print two versions of the quiz, one for the students to take and the other with correct answers for the teacher.

You have 2 options — 1 get the student to play the quiz online or b print the exam. This means your students are just one click away from the entire collection of tests. My tech support DOES remove the problem code, but it still doesn’t work. I explained this in my email, but TacSoft didn’t bother to read it correctly. I’m told it’s not their policy. Customer Service Any company that would respond to an unsatisfied customer by trying to publicly argue with them shows their own ridiculously bad judgment in customer service.

You’re mistaking assertive for aggressive. As a consumer, it’s my right to share my negative experience with others, whether you like it or not. So here we go: We tried moving AND removing the code.

Neither worked. But you didn’t care to hear when I explained that. I never said you didn’t work with my team, I said you didn’t see the work they did, which is a fact. Again, you didn’t bother to carefully read what I said. Your corrected file did me no good since we had to manually override the tracking code. The problem was that the code didn’t work with our CMS, but rather than considering that possibility, you immediately insulted a team whose work you hadn’t seen.

Segment your audience using skip logic Deliver unique and personalized quiz experiences using skip logic. In doing so, it lets you eliminate quiz fatigue and enhance the quality of your data. It also enables you to qualify and segment the respondents of your quiz for lead generation or sales promotions. Armed with skip logic and the right questions, you can even help consumers discover the right kind of products or services for their needs.

Set up notifications and alerts Receive an email alerts each time a respondent completes a quiz. The alerts include all the information of the quiz including answers, results and more. You can also get meta data such as time of submission, and more. Discover the wide range of ways the Opinion Stage multiple choice quiz maker can serve and support your business.

Increase website traffic Drive traffic from your social networks to your website. You can use our free online quiz maker to create quizzes that are highly personalized and fun to consume.

Opinion Stage lets you add a social sharing bar to every quiz so users can easily share their results on their favorite social networks. You can customize the social share image and texts to motivate users to click on the link and visit your website. Run brand awareness campaigns Use the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker to introduce your brand through fun quizzes on trending topics or on any engaging subject related to their niche.

When done right, you can create online experiences that are unforgettable and shareable. You can segment leads based on the outcomes they receive, their answer to a specific question or their total quiz score.

Learn more Boost ad revenue with engaging quizzes Our multiple choice quiz maker offers a way to create unique and interactive content that stands out. Given their highly engaging nature, you can insert ads within your quiz and drive higher click-through rates than your usual ad platforms.

Gain up to three times more ad revenue compared to other kinds of content. Use quizzes to aid in corporate training Corporate training can use an engaging multiple choice quiz to aid in their training efforts.

Quizzes let you discover how well your employees understand the training material. They can also provide insights as to how the training material can be improved for future use. You may give feedback after every question or deliver a more detailed explanation at the end of the quiz. Either way, your quizzes can make learning enjoyable and interesting. Learn more about your audience Businesses can use multiple choice quizzes to learn more about their target audience.

You can view many different performance and result reports from the results dashboard. You can also export a comprehensive report to an Excel or CSV file.

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B the clinic could serve more patients by hiring more doctors and fewer nurses. C the clinic is not making the correct decision because the additional patients per dollar spent on doctors is greater than the additional patients per dollar spent on nurses. D the clinic is making the correct decision because doctors are more productive than nurses. E both b and c 19 A firm can maximize profit net benefit by choosing to produce that level of output at which… A the additional revenue from the last unit sold is maximized. B total revenue equals total cost. C the difference between the additional revenue from the last unit sold and the additional cost of that unit is maximized. D the additional revenue from the last unit sold equals the additional cost of that unit.

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Multiple Choice Quiz Maker