MVS Player 5.02.30

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Keep up the good work David! ORG Utility Release: GoodGEN 0. A new version of a Genesis ROM renaming utility has been released. Here is a list of what’s new: Thingy32 1. A new version of a great translation utility has been released. Added a HUGE optimisation which should help a lot for normal cursor movement.

MVS Player 5.02.30

Added mouse positioning support. This means that you can click to change the cursor position. Next version will feature the ability to select and do right-click operations. This feature by request A French translation has been released! Thanks to Card Master and his group Terminus Traduction.

The translation is not perfect since French takes more space than English. If this is a major issue to French speakers, I would like to hear about it. The main problem is a command button in the Bookmarks dialog, although the text is mostly legible still.

Watch for full mouse support in version 0. You can download the new version at the Translation utilities page.

NoSeFart 1. Rom Graphics Cracker 1. A new version of a great ROM graphic viewing utility has been released. Here is what’s new: Fixed it so that it can work on any desktop resolution, but I advise xx16 still. If it still doesn’t work for some of you, E-mail me. You can download it at the General utilities page. Emulator News: What was new in T98 Hyuga was nice enough to translate the what’s new list for T98, a PC emulator for Windows, and here’s the translated list: You can download it from the PC emulators page.

Thanks to Hyuga for translating the what’s new list! Correction and info regarding previous posts The magazine that the emulation article I refered to in my previous post was actually Big Brother Magazine, and not Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. Big Brother Magazine can be visited online at bigbrothermagazine.

Thanks to mikey b for pointing that out. Also, within minutes of posting about the message on Blizzard. From what I am reading, they relaunched the site with a new design. Sorry for any confusion. Now, back to the news. Che’s ultimate cheaters Che has released a couple new cheat utilities, and updated another. Here is what’s going on: UOgre Battle 1.

Characters ! Supports more classes, thanks to Qing Mega Man X 1. All weapons, lives, and all other stuff Final Fantasy I Nintendo 1. Names, stats, and soon magic in 1. You can also download his Ultimate cheater at the Cheat utilities page. BeOS Interest I have been receiving a rather large ammount of interest from you, our readers, lately, about BeOS.

Not to discourage questions directly to me, but I wanted to give everyone a small list of links. I shall likely put these on a larger, more informed BeOS p age sometime after I am not so busy, and not so ill. These are a few links which may answer some questions, and save you a bit of time, in seeking any BeOS related answers, news, or information you may have..

My favourite BeOS news site. Updated a little more frequently than BeNews sometimes, but not as in-depth. BeOS 5 ought to be out soon, and remember: BeBochsConfigurator 1. A little utility called BeBochsConfigurator has been released, from the people who brought you BeBochs. It is a GUI editor for the. It presently only edits this. BeOS Emulation has been rather slow lately. Media News: Transworld Skateboarding Magazine does article on emulation Transworld Skateboarding Magazine has done a The article talk about emulation, the legality, and has some strange analogies.

Featured with the article are pics of various games, including BS F-Zero 2. Just a friendly ZD warning of the strong language content in the article. Philadelphia Inquirer reviews Bleem! There is an article up on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s online website with an article on Bleem!

It’s dated from Jan. You can check out the article on Thanks to Tickenest for the news. When will they ever learn You can head over to the site and then let them know how you feel about it.

Thanks to Drewbert of Pure Emulation pure. Sega 32x emulation getting close? The Smoker sent me a link to a site that has screen shots of an apparent 32x emulator being worked on. Now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed on this one! Somthing big happening with Blizzard Entertainment? Blizzard Entertainment, makers of such fine products as Starcraft and Diablo, have one of those ominous “something new and exciting is going to happen” messages on their site.

Head on over to blizzard. Fire Bird This fixes up some bugs and untranslated areas. Get it from the Translations page. X Games Pile updated.. I don’t have very much to post about, but I might as well post about this. Some of you might know that I’m running a site called the X Games Pile at http: This page is dedicated to Japane se computer emulation, such as the emulation of the X, PC, etc. I updated it the day before yesterday with 14 new PC games available for download, so go snag them if you’re interested.

Also, the reason I haven’t updated much lately is because m y parents shut down my phone, so I can’t connect to the internet at home, only at school. Site News: MEKA 0. It’s looking good from what I can see. Have a look yourself: Optimised “double” blitter. Fixed a sometimes happening savegame loading bug introduced in RC1. Fixed some emulation bugs introduced in RC1: But yes that is indeed a probable gotcha.

I think that was the 40, copies of linux from two years ago, running in a modest sized LPAR under vm aka VM was providing 40, virtual machines for 40, different copies of linux and VM was running in an LPAR that was less than the whole machine. This obviously seen in the HA configurations Customer was typically paying more than two times a simple non-ha configuration at least for the hardware I believe one of the other factors was lots of gov.

Thu, 17 Oct I don’t know if each board had a serial. I have no idea how the hardware half kept track of their parts. Boards might be possible but not components on boards.

I have heard of people talk about nightmare situations after they got the first or units to customers and a proper tracking system hadn’t been set-up before hand.

Then along comes field service and begins to really confuse what level are the components at any specific customer location. Dyson” writes: I also archived many of the Raid papers from the same time. Coherent TLBs Newsgroups: Fri, 18 Oct The difficulty here is that other CPUs may have allocated the address space a different ASID, so that the flush operation either operates across all processes generating multiple hits in the TLB and requiring hardware to deal with that.

The s TLBs for the TLBs that supported multiple concurrent address spaces were STO associative, which was the consistent real address of the segment table origin, the same across all processors. The IPTE selective invalidate finally appeared with the model in the late ’70s. Some of the implementations tended to try and batch up a whole slew of page invalidates at a single time There was some trade-off regarding relatively short-lived kernel operations getting locks on the address space as a means of serializing any page invalidates against that address space.

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Alvin M. Weinberg of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory places the critics in four principal categories: Plowshare has a fifth group of detractors-those who emotionally link Plowshare to nuclear weapons and wish that both would go away. These critics seem to have forgotten a major word and a concept -moderation. When Judge Alfred A. Arraj handed down his decision in the Denver U. District Court on the Rulison case, he wrote the following in discussing radiation standards:

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Yes, that’s right, that dastardly player piano, with its automated paper piano rolls that could play songs without musicians. The fear was so great that lots of lobbying was done of Congress, leading to the Copyright Act, which brought about compulsory licensing on mechanical rights.

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