My SCUBA Diary 1.3

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Your Shearwater dive computer will need to be put into “Download mode” first before clicking the download button. The first time you connect with your Shearwater dive computer using Classic Bluetooth, it may take some extra time to make the initial connection while the two devices “pair”.

My SCUBA Diary 1.3

Once your Mac and the Shearwater have paired, all future connections will happen much faster. If you are already using the Shearwater Desktop software, the two devices may already be paired. Disconnecting from the dive computer, manually or after downloading, takes about 10 seconds to complete. We have seen some problems pairing initially with a Perdix.

We have also seen some problems switching between “Classic” and “Low Energy” Bluetooth when downloading from the same device. While technically this is feasible, the macOS Bluetooth module get’s confused. If you “Turn Bluetooth Off” on your Mac, wait a moment, and then “Turn Bluetooth On” again, you effectively reset the Bluetooth module on your machine and all will be well again.

Petrel, Perdix, and Teric dive computers support “selective downloading” which means that initially, just the basic dive date, time, and depth information of all existing dives on the unit are downloaded at first. Then, simply select which dives you wish to fully download in the top window, and then click the “Import” button.

Once you’ve clicked Import, then all of the profile information from only those dives are downloaded from the dive computer and imported into the logbook. This method makes the download process much faster as you don’t have to spend time to re-download dives already in your logbook. Predator models do not have this capability so you will download all the memory each time, and only select the dives you have not yet logged to import into your logbook.

There is no need to install any drivers – the application will communicate with the dive computers directly Plug the USB end of the cable into your Mac and plug the other end into your dive computer.

Some of the above dive computers will go into “transfer” mode when you plug the other end of the cable into it, but others require you to set the dive computer into “Transfer Mode” manually. Check your Suunto User Manual if you are not sure. Then click the “Download” button to start the transfer process. The “new” cable is painted red on the inside of the connector that attaches to the dive computer. If you have a 3rd party cable to download your Suunto computer, you must also have a kernel device driver from them for that cable, which provides a serial port for applications to use it.

Turn on your dive computer and place it’s IrDA port about 3 to 6 inches or 7 to 15 centimeters away from the IrDA port on the adaptor. Make sure that the dive computer is supported in such a way that it won’t move very much while downloading.

Dive Log Manager will show a progress bar while the dive computer is being downloaded. Do not move the dive computer until the download has finished. Some of the UWatec dive computers, such as the Galileo series, have large amounts of memory in them in order to store large amounts of dive information.

It make take Dive Log Manager up to 10 minutes to download all of the memory, so you may need to be patient. Some of the UWatec dive computers, such as the Smart series, can sometimes get “lost” in the middle of a transfer and become unresponsive. If you do not see the progress bar making any progress for 20 to 30 seconds, the dive computer may be stuck.

If this happens, you can click the cancel button and then click the download button again to re-start the transfer. Optionally, you can restart the dive computer as well, but this is not always necessary.

For the Aladin Sport Matrix, the cable is extra. Once you have plugged in both ends of the cable, press the button on the dive computer to enable “Log” mode and the Download button will enable. You will find it substantially slower to download than when using the USB cable, however it may be more convenient.

To download using Bluetooth, select the ‘BLE’ version of the model in the model menu. Press the Menu button on the dive computer and scroll until you see the Bluetooth entry, select it, and then press the ‘ENTR’ button.

Once the dive computer has finished it’s initialization, it will display ‘Ready’ and you can start the download process. And QSO management. From what I understand, you need to have logged dives as proof for I have recently switched from a pen and paper logbook to a logbook I record mine in a little 3×4″ lined diary.

During your surface intervals, you can talk about what you saw with the other divers and be reminded of things you already Schrijf een review. Diving LogBook: Wen Wei cchungww logging her dives in the dive log book I made for malaysiadiver scuba diver scubadiver scubadiverlife journal traveljournal artjournal travelersnotebook midori midoritravelersnotebook Wen Wei Dive Log Book: Simply Scuba Diving Logbook for Dives Great Dives Journal If you want to become a better diver and make Diving logs are a training tool for divers who want to improve their skills – each diver can improve.

Diving Logbooks As a certified diver, you know that you need to keep a good log of your dives. In my first log book, and then just another notebook after I filled that one up.

I print it out and copy it to a notebook I carry. It should be treated as a diary of diving activities. Scuba Dive Notebook: The first thing a diver gets after certification is a logbook. Every dive will be logged in it: If you want to become a better diver and make your dives more enjoyable easily recording and tracking the details of all of your diving Dive Diving Logbook: Diviac is also much more than a traditional logbook, it is a journal of your dive history.

A place to remember the divers that you meet on trips, a place to Your dives never had such an elegant place to be logged.

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My SCUBA Diary 1.3