NetStat Agent 3.4

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NetStat Agent 3.4

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The program also lets you monitor the existing connections that are currently being established in order to diagnose connection issues in real time. The utility comes with a simple and well-designed interface which allows you to easily see detailed netowrk information. NetStat Agent offers information about your IPv6 connections, UDP and TCP connection status, owning process, remote and local ports status and availability, and geographical locations of IP addresses along with their host names. In addition, NetStat Agent lets you manage and close unwanted connections, hide important connections, and identify suspicious traffic leaving or entering your network. Pros The application comes with a clean, friendly and intuitive graphical interface, The program integrates a rich set of reliable and advanced tools.

About NetStat Agent 3.4

Close In our previous guide, we covered the installation of Zabbix Server on Ubuntu The work of Zabbix agent is to collect data such as CPU, memory, disk and network interface usage from a device. It has a small resource footprint considering that monitoring configurations are centralized on Zabbix server. The checks can be performed at an interval or based on specific times schedule. Here is the difference between passive and active checks:

How to Activate NetStat Agent 3.4 Full Version?

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NetStat Agent 3.4. How to Use the Windows netstat Command to Discover Open and Connected Network Ports

NetStat Agent 3.4