New Utilities 3.2

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Cloning joe localhost to user sally: Discussion In the above example, we see the use of the mysqluserclone utility to clone the joe user to two new user accounts. Notice we used the –source option to connect to the original server and –destination for the same server.

New Utilities 3.2

After that, we simply list the user we want to clone and the new users we want to create. In this case we use the format username: When the utility finishes, you have two new user accounts that have the same privileges as the original user; joe localhost. Tips and Tricks You can use –destination option to specify a different server to copy a user account to another server. Use the –dump option with only the –source option to see all user accounts.

Use the –include-global-privileges option to include GRANT statements that the user host combination matches. This is useful for copying user accounts from one server to another where there are global privileges in effect. Ultimately, the manufacturer of the drive decides how and what to report back. There really isn’t any enforcement to keep manufacturers in line as far as how their devices report.

Once data is returned, then SOME programs that try to calculate and give a ‘probability’ of failure or life expectancy rating. There are several industry studies which have shown that correlation between SMART data, predictions made based on the data and actual failure rates, is NOT that strong I’ve had rotational drives during the initial ‘burn in’ period that show a increase in some of the so called negative indicators bad sectors reallocated ; but then ‘settle down’ and continue working fine for years afterwards with no increases.

Your strategy should be to always have multiple backups of key data, so that when and if a drive fails, your data is safe, rather than obsessing about whether to replace a drive the first time it shows any negative indication. Some makers have added on additional data fields to report so called ‘SSD’ specific info, but other makers are not required to use them, or if they do, don’t necessarily report back the same data, since the definition is so open.

Or worse, they will come up with a way to report back a lower value and use that in a positive spin, even the meaning of what that data really indicates has been redefined by them. Remember, this is data reported back by the drive based on the manufacturer’s interpretation. For example, when a manufacturer says this SSD drive reports ‘zero’ whatever, i.

Most people I suspect pay particular attention to the ‘reallocated bad sector’ data; for rotational drives that makes good sense.

For SSDs, the data has less relevance, because the standard hasn’t evolved to define what that really means for SSDs, so manufacturer’s have, of course, used this ambiguity to dictate the data returned to put their product in a better light. With modern SSDs and controlers using techniques likes over provisioning, trim, garbage collection, etc.

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Next Is there an easy way to know what options are used with each utility? The MySQL privilege system permits you to create a set of permissions for each user. Other times, the user may acquire privileges over time. Regardless of how it came about, you may find yourself needing to create a new user that has the same privileges as another user. Objectives The goal is to create one or more users whose permissions are identical to an original user on a single server. We can even set different passwords for each user as we go. Let’s assume we have a user, joe localhost, who has a long list of permissions. We need to create a clone of his user account for two new users, sally and john. Each of these users requires a new password.

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New Utilities 3.2