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It cost me a few extra bucks to nail the loose ends down,,, well worth this cost in Gun-Smith hours since second best dosen’t work for me,,, magic man B Jury did the barrel Oh Yha,,, he built all his milling machines and tools him self,,, his specially if Full Bore and F Class shooters along with bench rest,,, plus he lives down the road from me Former National Match shooter R Galloway did the installation since he’s a Machinist by trade,,, both of them are good friends in our group of shooters and outdoors stuff Hunting,,, fishing and camping,,, that’s a plus Any-who,,, I was really planing on a Remmy,,, Creed 65,,, or the 65 Lapua,,, the wizer option to utilizing the Remmy Long actions was the 6.

OrgScheduler Pro 6.5

My job is simple,,, Target shooter,,, iron gong plunder,,, hunter,,, ammo builder,,, and make all of them come together I started off with mixed thoughts on this,,, now I’m now convinced that I went with the right idea,,, a fraction less recoil from the to gr 30 cal booltiz,,, this lesson the recoil on the old worn down shoulder,,, purhaps a few extra years of shooting I didn’t do the MB since the concussion blast doesn’t work for me,,, so we thicken up the barrel and I always use a gel recoil pad The No need for all the walking since most of the critters I go after are stationed along the roads and Meadows The easy things in life Phoenix Weaponry’s Integrally Suppressed.

Until the Creedmoor, a 6. Even then, it took nearly a decade for shooters to understand the subtle but important advantage the Creedmoor offered. The 6. Muted cartridges are not to scale.

It will drive a grain bullet to 2, fps and has probably killed more Scandinavian moose than anything else. It was even used there successfully by elephant hunters.

Capable of pushing a grain bullet to 3, fps, it was initially a hit as a Western hunting cartridge. Ultimately, it could never compete with the milder, more efficient and very popular,. With a longer barrel, you can expect a grain bullet to do 3, fps. Its case is long for a short-action cartridge and is not compatible with modern, high ballistic coefficient BC 6. And, with a grain bullet at 2, fps, it sort of bridges the gap between the. However, in the short-action it was designed for it cannot handle the longer 6.

However, when loaded for best performance at long range, it needs a 3-inch or longer action to push high BC grain bullets to anything near 3, fps. Affordable, non-custom rifles are essentially nonexistent. Based on the 7. These ballistics are exceptional for an MSR, but lacking when compared to other 6. A near ballistic twin to the. Based on the. It could be considered a. As fast as the Nosler and Weatherby are, sales have only been so-so, and ammo is not cheap. Currently, Hornady offers only two loads for the 6.

But, what many do not know is that when a cartridge is standardized for commercial production and approved by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Institute SAAMI , a twist rate is stipulated along with cartridge dimensions and pressure limits. This standardization is what allows any manufacture to build ammunition to work in any commercially produced — SAAMI approved — firearm. With the exception of the 6.

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Some Where in America It’s a bit of work sorting the brass,,, but once that’s accomished, the rest of it is easy With the ball seated high the pin won’t push out the primer Old bench rest trick you know The next step was trim neck thickness to 0. Use a ball mic for this since a person gets a better reading I’m borrowing my builders loading dies,,, so I don’t want to fine tune them for this rifle till mine show up from Hornady The rest of the brass prep is the same as my other 2 cartridges,,, primer pocket inside cleaning,,, shoulder bump back,,, neck run-out,,, deffinatly neck tension I’ll admit that I’m kinda going over board on this cartridge,,, its nice knowing that the cases won’t be the issue in the puzzle Thing’s that are sorted The rifle,,, optic,,, trigger,,, bolt work over,,, and bedding

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