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With much of the stuff on these disks being either somewhat obscure or in some cases clearly a little less than trustworthy, we limited it to only the most popular and mainstream items. The WildList sets were built using the January lists, which were released just a few days before the deadline for this comparative 15 February.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free

With the Extended WildList still going through a settling-in process, and many items still being removed from the list well after it has officially been finalized each month, we needed to be fairly flexible about what we included.

Essentially, we accepted any challenge against any item in the list which our contacts felt to be inappropriate, excluding anything that did not fully satisfy our requirements to be labelled as malware.

In the end, most of these decisions proved justified, with several post-release addenda confirming the removal of the items. The RAP sets were built, as usual, in the weeks around the deadline, and the Response sets were compiled on a daily basis from the latest available samples. Some additional work has gone into honing the content of the Response sets.

We have improved automation and fine-tuned the measures we take to ensure that no single provider swamps a set with unexpectedly large contributions, while at the same time aligning the contents more closely with prevalence information. In the end, the RAP sets averaged around 30, samples, with the daily sets used for the Response tests ranging from 2, to 6, samples, averaging around 4, Speed and performance sets remained essentially unchanged, but we hope to find time to expand our selection of samples used in the speed measures, and to soup up our set of performance measures a little, in time for the next test.

With everything in place, we were ready to begin our epic trawl through the seemingly endless list of products. The package provided measured MB, including an initial set of updates. The set-up process is fairly lengthy, much of the time being devoted to initiation of the firewall components. As in recent tests, we observed that the option to join a feedback scheme is rather sneakily hidden on the EULA acceptance page of the install process.

Updates for the main part of the test — which were run between two and five weeks after the initial installer was sent to us — averaged around 14 minutes. The interface is clear and sensible, providing a fairly decent set of controls for the anti-malware component, although most space is devoted to the firewall.

Operation was smooth and stable, with no problems observed throughout the tests, and all jobs including high-stress scans of infected sample sets completed in good time. Scanning speed measures showed some decent initial rates, speeding up massively in the warm runs, but on-access lag times seemed a little on the high side.

Resource use was also fairly high, and our set of tasks took noticeably longer than the baseline measures. Detection rates were reasonable, dropping off somewhat in the last few days of the Response sets, and falling rather sharply in the proactive week of the RAP sets too, as expected.

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