Rapid PDF Count 5.04

Rapid PDF Count 5.04 Patch + Serial Number Updated August-2020

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Rapid PDF Count 5.04

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Download Rapid PDF Count 5.04 Patch + Serial Number Updated August-2020

It also counts words and characters, displays the number of files and the size of each, and more. This efficient tool opens with a nag screen in the trial version. The main interface is small and sparse but cleanly laid out, with a file menu and a spreadsheet-like file display. You can drag the count headings to reposition them, an essential feature, we feel. The Setup menu calls up an Options dialog, but we chose the program’s default settings. You can easily browse to your PDFs, but you can also drag and drop them right into the interface. Rapid PDF Count can also scan directories and subfolders for files, a major timesaver. We tried the scanner, selected a PDF product manual, and the program quickly listed counts in each category. It leaves folders behind when it’s uninstalled. It doesn’t need any third-party software to work, though Acrobat Reader is required to validate PDFs.

Rapid PDF Count 5.04 Features

This application shows the number of pages and words on a PDF document. Just drag the folders to the application, and it automatically goes into the list of documents to analyze. By default, Rapid PDF Count shows the filepath and date of creation for each document, and from the Options menu you can set it up to show the number of pages and words also. In addition, it can tell you the number of blank pages in a document, as well as the number of words per page. Although it’s not exactly a search tool, Rapid PDF Count can help you find a PDF document, as long as you remember its approximate date of creation, or have an idea of how long it is.

Rapid PDF Count 5.04