RazorSQL 8.0.7

RazorSQL 8.0.7 Crack With License Key

For example, the path of the. Edit the file to match the required settings for the desired JDBC driver: In the Actions box, select Reload database drivers.

RazorSQL 8.0.7

Now, the newly added driver is available in the Database System settings. Modifying advanced driver settings Database connection properties are defined by the JDBC driver of your database. These driver-dependent settings are listed and set in the Advanced Settings tab of the Database Connection window. See your database and JDBC driver documentation for a description of each property. To access the settings: Click on the connection for which you want to modify properties.

The Database Connection window opens. Click on the Advanced Settings tab. The settings for the connection appear, displaying each property and value: Modify any properties.

Hover over the property name for a description of that property. Added information to error messages about statement line number and approximate editor line number of errors Changes JavaScript Validator: Leading line feeds in text can cause an issue with the validator Snowflake to Local Database Conversion: Number data type conversion is now supported Salesforce: Added a View Contents right-click option for column name search results Upgraded Cassandara datastax driver to version 3.

This fixes an issue with numeric columns not being able to be queried Bug Fixes Mac: Popup windows may not close property in certain situations Font selector can’t display the names of certain fonts 9.

Added the following options to the right-click menu of each results column and to the results menu: Added the abilty to query against nested maps up to 5 layers deep using SQL syntax Example query: Added the ability to use syntax similar to the AWS command line for table scans.

Bug Fixes SimpleDB: Generated SQL should not allow updates to itemName columns. Edit Table Tool: Right-click menu not displaying Generate DDL: Identity information not displaying 9. Connection Profile Tree:

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RazorSQL comes with a set of tools which lets you alter, create, execute, describe, and drop various objects, such as views, tables, triggers, functions, stored procedures, and more. Moreover, you have the possibility to view queries in a multi-tabular interface and perform various tasks, such as sort, filter, search, and more. RazorSQL gives you the possibility to import data from various sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, delimited files, fixed-width files, and more. Pros The application support more than 30 databases. The program includes a rich set of database management tools.

RazorSQL 8.0.7 Features

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How to install RazorSQL 8.0.7

  1. Download setup and Install with administrator privileges.
  2. Download RazorSQL 8.0.7 Crack With License Key zip / exe file from given link.
  3. Unzip and Install it then Follow readme file instruction.
  4. Activate according to instructions.
RazorSQL 8.0.7