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To accommodate that commercial element, the spatial layer actually needs to be dynamically link to a relational database. Now whether the GIS user does that is another question and I will not be surprised if it is not either because people do not know how to or just want to keep it simple but the point I want to stress here is that there are still limitations in current GIS software in relation to real life situation. Relational database are usually kept in management system software so we get the term ‘RDBMS’ which is short for relational database management system and to further make things more complex, there is the usual RDBMS and the spatial RDBMS of which the latter also caters to syncronize between non-spatial and spatial database.

Replace Genius 4.21

An example of an enterprise RDBMS is Oracle while its spatial RDBMS is Oracle Spatial whereas the Open Source equivalent is PostgrSQL and PostGIS. Mmm.

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