ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8

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ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8

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Easy to start just install , easy to add your menu items – easy to deploy. Windows Explorer Shell Context Menu. Shell MegaPack. Net – Shell MegaPack. Added property “NotifyAsynchronously”: If False the default value the events will be fired in context of the main thread.

If True, the events will be fired in the context of concurrent threads. The new unit “Jam. Types” has been added. We have moved some commonly used types and interfaces there Aliases have been introduced to avoid breaking changes. Several refactorings and minor have been incorporated.

We tried to be very careful and not to induce major compatibility issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you experience issues when updating to V The dialog remained open, when trying to confirm the initially set folder, unless it had subfolders.

Files showed a collapse icon after double-clicking. This has been corrected. The “Pin to home” context menu item from the Quick Access context menu is now supported properly, instead of showing a “Not supported” message. Drag-and-Drop perfomance issues have been improved. The “New” menu item in the background context menu now only appears in folders where sublements can be created.

It is e. The sort order icon that is displayed in the column header is now restored properly, when additional columns are displayed or removed or when the sort column itself is removed and re-added later.

Accessing items in C: Navigation tree now processes keyboard input correctly especially “Delete” key. Some of the filter options weren’t reapplied correctly after “This PC” was displayed. Property ShowHidden is now applied correctly to containing Breadcrumbbar. Fixed focus is lost after deleting a file or folder in the right pane of TJamExplorerBrowser.

If “CheckIfExists” is true, not only non-existing drives will be removed, but also non-existing folders. When an element in the list is renamed, the item is now refreshed properly to display the new name. Bitlocker encrypted drives are now added, removed and updated correctly.

Repaint issues such as flickering and empty items that might have occurred when resizing the component having a column set as “AutoSizeColumn” have been fixed. When typing a new path, the icon is now updated correctly. Perfomance issues related to slow or unreachable net-drives have been fixed. Clear” method had the effect that all drives were watched for notifications again. Now all folders are now removed from the watchlist; if you want to restore the old behavior add the folders that should be watched after clearing.

To watch everything e. The current columns are now restored properly when changing the view or when triggering a FullRefresh even if columns have been reordered by the user.

Double-clicking the preview of an image file from an attached mobile phone now opens the image file externally. Using this new component you can start shell drag operations from arbitrary VCL controls. Have a look at the OleDragDrop example project to check out how it works. Search results are now added asynchronously to linked components. The TJamShellList now gives feedback on the state of a running search. Bugfix – TJamShellList: Problems with filling a ShellList asynchronously e. In addition, the “OnPopulated” event is now only called when the folder contents are fully loaded.

Bugfix – TJamShellTree: The style of fonts is now applied too. On Windows 10 network drives were not displayed in the “This PC” node occasionally. Multithreaded access has been improved for a smooth loading of thumbnails. Like in Windows Explorer, files and folders are now sorted separately. Bugfix – Windows XP: Deleting elements via the context menu now triggers the “OnOperation” event. Using the new “IItemIdist. GetPropertyValue” method it is now possible to read metadata from the property system of a shell item.

Several minor bugfixes and improvements have been incorporated. The component now offers an optional refresh button that reloads the current contents of controls linked via a TJamShellLink.

The button is part of the “Visible Panes” property. Using the “ShowHint” property you can control whether tooltips shall be displayed for the buttons. The components now fully support the “StyleElements” property. Transparency in images is now supported. The path is now resolved asynchronously to avoid potential delays in the main thread when setting its “Path” property to a slow or not reachable resource.

When changing the view style of a non-sorted list, the order of items is now kept instead of resorting the list alphabetically by the paths of the items. It is now possible to insert an item at a chosen position by using the new parameter “pPos” in the “Add” method. The new “OnNavigationPending” event is called before the control navigates to a new location. Use the “pCancel” parameter to suppress the navigation.

Breaking change: Next now raises exceptions not only for internet errors, but for all errors, e. This allows for better error handling than returning “false”; it also distinguishes between no more objects returns false and error raises exception.

The types are compatible, but you might need to update the event handlers respectively. When navigation breadcrumbs use the keyboard, an empty dropdown menu might have popped up at the last breadcrumb item. This is no longer the case. It is not possible to display a path that does not fall within this range. The background color has been corrected for the Windows 7 classic theme.

Please note: The filter applies to the destination files, not the links. The details for items in “Quick Access” are now loaded correctly on Windows 10 version anniversary update. The list is resorted once a notification of a file change is received. For example, the order of elements is adjusted if the list is sorted by modification date and the respective value of a file changes.

Bugfix – TJamFileList: The “InvokeCommandOnSelected” method works again as expected with the shell action “default”. Also “OnBeforeShellCommand” is called as expected. Bugfix – TJamFilePreview: The preview of TrueType fonts has been corrected. This fixes a major delay that could occur before the context menu was displayed.

The “StyleElements” property is now supported. Selecting items programmatically no longer automatically scrolls the selected item into view. This can be accomplished separately by calling “EnsureVisible”.

When editing a filename, only the name of the file is selected, not the extension. The automatic fallback that was applied if PDF files could not be previewed using the registered preview handler has been removed. It caused a non-controllable error message for corrupt PDF files. The “Caption” property is now available as public property. Although still used by the component itself to display the state of the component, it can now be set in an attached “OnLoadedPreview” event handler to display a custom message.

The “Touch” property is now available in the object inspector of the IDE. The “KeyState” parameter of the drag-and-drop events of TJamDropFiles now includes information about the mouse button that was pressed. An access violation that might have occurred when setting the “RootedAtFileSystemFolder” property at design time has been fixed. Adobe Acrobat’s preview handler doesn’t work correctly when called asynchronously – previewed files could not be deleted or weren’t displayed correctly.

ShellBrowser will load the files in the main thread again. A delay that might have occurred when releasing the component has been fixed. A set filter is no longer applied to the contents of the “Favorites” folder in Windows 7 and 8.

Column “Rating” is now filled correctly for all items in the list. The “EShellBrowserError” that was raised if an item representing a non-existent path was selected has been fixed. Bugfix – TJamExplorerBrowser: An access violation that might have occurred when using one of these components in a library has been fixed. A “Resource is in use” error that occurred when selecting an item in trimmed state i.

Several minor painting and scaling issues have been fixed. A memory leak occurring on Windows 7 has also been fixed. An internal message displayed when the “CreateDir” method was called with a name for the new directory is no longer shown. Bugfix – TJamDropFiles: Dropping files from TotalCommander and possibly other drag and drop sources stopped working with v This has been fixed again.

It automatically adjusts to mirror the look of the various Windows versions. The context menu of the header in ViewStyle “vsReport” now contains a “More Setting it to nil will suppress the drag-and-drop operation.

TJamDropFiles now also supports non-file-system objects like emails or email attachments. If the “UseTemporaryFiles” property is set, the objects are stored as temporary files that are automatically deleted when the control is released. The loading and unloading of the preview is now done asynchronously. Additionally, a small memory leak that occurred for a subset of PreviewHandlers from the system has been be fixed.

Keyboard navigation in the BreadCrumbBar is now fully functional. Painting of the control has been improved and fixed on the various Windows versions. The exception that occurred when trying to use more than one BreadcrumbBar in a project has been fixed.

The ShellTree also provides the “RowSelect” property. If the “OnThumbnailUpdated” eventhandler already assigns a custom thumbnail to an item, no additional background querying of the system’s thumbnail takes place.

Thumbnails that are replaced in this event handler are now released automatically. The “Groups” and “GroupView” properties are now available. They can be used to add custom grouping of the lists’ contents. Some actions that might block the application e.

There is now more space between the checkbox and a treenode’s icon. Users can add a checkbox to the component with the new “ShowCheckBox” property. When checkboxes are displayed, pressing the space key now toggles the checkstate of all selected items instead of the first item only.

Download ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8

The invisible TShellBrowser component provides an easy interface to the Windows shell interface. A thumbnail component displays the Explorer thumbnail images and the TJamShellNotifier informs you about numerous shell events. All components have full Unicode support. Interesting sample projects and help file with a lot of sample code are included. The registered version of the ShellBrowser Components includes the source code and is royalty free. ShellBrowser Delphi Components is a free trial software application from the Delphi subcategory, part of the Development category. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on ShellBrowser Delphi Components version Just click the green Download button above to start.

Features of ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8

The invisible TShellBrowser component provides an easy interface to the Windows shell interface. A thumbnail component displays the Explorer thumbnail images and the TJamShellNotifier informs you about numerous shell events. All components have full Unicode support. Interesting sample projects and help file with a lot of sample code are included. The registered version of the ShellBrowser Components includes the source code and is royalty free.

Unit installation Process for ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8:

  1. Download setup and Install with administrator privileges.
  2. Download ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8 Crack + Registration Code {Win+Mac} 2020 zip / exe file from given link.
  3. Unzip and Install it then Follow readme file instruction.
  4. Activate according to instructions.
ShellBrowser Components For Delphi 8