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Driving Experience With its only slightly larger Ateca SUV, SEAT has already shown it can produce a compact Crossover with class-leading standards of ride and handling and if you come to this car in search of a slightly smaller Crossover of that kind, you’ll find that the Arona continues that strong showing.

Smart Automatic Test 1.0 PR1

If you happen to be familiar with rivals in the small SUV segment, you may well notice that the steering here is more direct, the corner turn-in’s more precise and that body roll is rather better controlled. Credit for much of this can be given to the stiff, sophisticated MQB A0 platform this model shares with the fifth generation Ibiza supermini it’s based upon. That’s not to say that it feels in any way really sporty: SEAT’s preference has been to set the Arona up for the low speed, traffic-jinking needs of the urban jungle and sure enough, it feels right at home in that environment, with its great all-round sight lines and tight turning circle.

As for engines, well most will choose the likeable 1. As usual, two variants of it are available, most folk likely to stick with the 95PS version which, if you’re quick through slick ratios of the 5-speed gearbox, makes 62mph from rest in The alternative option is the PS unit we tested, which improves those figures to 9. Not sure about that. The truth is that it’s very obviously targeted at the younger folk driving sales in this segment, though there’s also enough boxy practicality here to interest more adventurous small families too.

These people will see at a glance that the Arona is a more versatile proposition than the Ibiza supermini it’s based upon, 79mm longer and 99mm taller than that car. From the side, what would otherwise be a square rather unremarkable profile is enlivened by these two almost arbitrary upper coachwork slashes just below the glass line. And plenty of crossover trinketry – most obviously the contrast-coloured roof. While other makers in this sector have merely dabbled with this concept, SEAT has whole-heatedly embraced it, standardising this feature for those that want it and offering customers orange, black or grey colour options.

And inside? Well if you like the funky attitude of the exterior, you might be a little disappointed to find that little of it has been carried over to the cabin, which is virtually identical to the rather conservative interior you get in an Ibiza – though you do sit a little higher.

What’s not up for debate is the quality of what’s provided here, something nicely complemented by the classy glass-fronted 8-inch infotainment screen that most models get. There’s also a decently-sized litre boot. We’ll get into detail on that in a minute. The engine choice on offer is pretty much the same as you get in an Ibiza and as usual in this segment, is primarily geared towards petrol power. The green pump-fuelled options are mainly 1.

That perkier 1. The other Arona engines on offer will be rarely seen, but both have plenty to be said for them. For petrol people, there’s a 1. If efficiency really is a priority though, you’ll want the 1. Be careful as the exhaust is very hot and you need a clip to be able to fix it.

It could be the cycle valve, check the hoses to it and if it needs to be changed then check the boost pressure sensor look at the reading to determine if boost is produced or not. In the case of remapped cars it could have gone into safe mode a get you home mode which uses much less power. The immobiliser is still on. It turns itself on automatically after 60 seconds if you have not started car after unlocking it.

Remove the key and unlock the car again. Then, replace the key and start as normal. See next section. It likely the key has lost its coding 9 indicator flashes should accompany this when pressing the key fob unlock or lock button if it’s faulty and will have to be re-coded along with the car and any spare keys you might have too. They all will have to be taken to someone with a Star Diagnostic machine to re-code them all together.

Its worth getting an additional new key before so you can get it coded at the same time, if you don’t already have a spare key. It could be. It’s more likely that the key has fully discharged, lost its coding and will have to be re-coded along with the car and any spare keys you might have.

Try to use both keys equally and often to prevent losing the coding. There has been no satisfactory explanation as to why they do this. If the battery is low the indicators will flash 9 times quickly indicating you can use it times more – so change the battery asap.

When changing batteries observe correct polarity and change them promptly. Batteries are available in many retail outlets and garages. The battery size is CR See the handbook for how to replace the battery. The heating fan in my Smart car roadster is not working, why? It needs repairing, sometimes a piece of wiring loom and connector are required and sometimes the central console unit will also need to be replaced The heating fan in my fortwo only works on full, why?

It needs to be checked and the correct problem identified. Usually a new heater control is unit fitted the bit with temp scale on it – see if yours is in warranty or not. The heating fan in my fortwo only works on full, why? The resistor is faulty and needs replacing, its a simple job and not too costly My fortwo headlights make a funny noise, what might be causing this?

It’s probably the headlight adjustment motor, they can fail and the noise you hear is them perpetually adjusting. Replacement or disconnect and correct setup on a MoT alignment unit are the alternatives. April brings new mot legislation that may require new units fitted and aligned with adjusters working correctly. My headlight bulbs have gone again is there an easy way to change them myself?

Yes, refer to your manual for how to change the headlight bulb. If you try to change the bulb and accidentally dislodge the spring clip the headlight has to be removed and the front end will have to come off as well to replace it.

The headlight will then need realigning too. We would recommend going to a Smart specialist garage who will have experience with this. It’s probably the rear shoes and adjusters that need cleaning and adjusting properly, these usually get done about every 4th year – it could be the rear wheel cylinder seals have failed and are weeping brake fluid.

A competent garage can remove the rear hubs and clean and inspect the cylinders and replace and adjust as necessary. Why does my Smart car have 3 little lines in the centre of the dash?

Why is my Smart car having trouble selecting gear? It could be one of several things: Check the rear lights to see if the brake lights are working; if not then it’s probably the brake light switch which is faulty and needs replacing. On a it’s between the under tray and the car chassis and it helps to have the car on a ramp. On a or it’s under the brake pedal in the foot well. Then the wiring to the gear selector motor needs to be checked to see if there is damage to the wiring causing electrical short circuits 3.

Check the clutch actuator adjustment and operation 4.

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Overall Auto Express Rating 4. If you were one of the , UK buyers who shelled out on a first or second-generation Smart ForTwo , putting up with the sluggish automated manual gearbox was one of the sacrifices you had to make. You only need to spend a few minutes behind the wheel to notice that the old nodding-dog effect gearchange has been eradicated. Shifts are sharp, well judged and arguably better executed than you could manage yourself with the sticky five-speed manual.

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Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical However, efficient testing can rarely be performed without reliable software assistance. Therefore, you might need to turn to a third-party utility that can help you simplify your work. One of these programs is Smart Automatic Test.

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