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Issue with compatibility with Windows 8 v BorderWidth property added New: ColumnHeader property added New: TAdvDurationEdit component introduced New: Property grid. Issue with using backspace while autocompletionlist is showing in TAdvMemo Fixed: Issue with per monitor high DPI support for non native task dialogs Fixed: Issue with irregular autocompletion start tokens in TAdvMemo Fixed: DataSource v Small regression with grid.


Small issue with control color initialization in TAdvEdit Fixed: Issue with vertically centering images in TImagePicker Fixed: Issue with TRatingCategory.

Issue when using larger than 16×16 custom filter dropdown glyphs in TAdvStrinGrid v Changed Column[x]. ParentFont kept true on initialization for Edit Dropdown and other affected components Fixed: Issue with mouse wheel selection move on top and bottom row Fixed: Dropdown button colors in office styles in AdvSmooth dropdown components Fixed: Find and replace within selection in TAdvMemo Fixed: Issue with use of non-incremental programmatic narrowdown Fixed: Issue with MouseActions.

C specific issue with AdvMemo. Repeat find in wordwrapped text in TAdvMemo Fixed: Issue with wordwrapped hyperlink click Fixed: Issue with Form. Property AutoDropDown: Use of Columns[x]. High DPI handling in application with multiple forms using a ribbon Improved: Regression with default tree node drawing in TInspectorBar Fixed: Issue with find at end of text with wrap in TAdvMemo Fixed: Issue with SVG rendering engine Fixed: Issue with Display.

All fixed column cells can now be used to set the active DB record upon click Fixed: Rare issue with cell validation and grid. Issue with OnEnter event when grid. Issue with Ctrl-arrow operations when a syntax styler without any delimiters is attached in TAdvMemo Fixed: AdvPanel Caption was reintroduced with office internal styler v Issue with OnChange handler for setting the.

Value property programmatic in TAdvEdit Fixed: Gutter line drawing color issue in TAdvMemo Fixed: Design-time update Font. Color in AdvGlowButton v Tabwidth and status size for high DPI Fixed: Regression with starting grid edComboList inplace editor Fixed: Issue with mouse wheel scrolling in imMultiPanelActive mode Fixed: Issue with border when gutter is invisible and border is turned off in TAdvMemo Fixed: Clear Fixed: Design-time style painting of TTodoList Fixed: Design-time style painting of TPlanner Fixed: Design-time style painting of TInspectorBar Fixed: Design-time style painting of TAdvMemo Fixed: Freeware Photo Grid 2.

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Photo frame your old pictures with your friends and send them through. Freeware GB Grid Converter 2. Then, easily view the converted coordinate in the iPhone’s Map app, or send it to GPS Log our app for recording your travels. Or copy to the clipboard using the standard iPhone functions. Fuzzy parsing logic allows you to input coordinates in a variety of ways, like “TQ “, and “TQ”. If you It can save you a lot of time in a variety of situations such as: Freeware AD-Converter 2.

June 21, This program is actually an analog-to-digital converter. It is intended to digitise the signal coming from the soundboard. There are two modes of operation: Net applications. With modern design features and a tidy look and feel, our component is a major aid for any serious.

Net developer. AIFileGridView contains a range of rapid features including; automatic or programmatic file population, File Icon and File Type associations built in, full sorting support and IntelliSense as standard with all our products Freeware DomiNation 1. May 24, Domination is a free Internet multiplayer area-control strategy game where up to eight players or bots compete to control fictitious countries on a hex grid using dice-controlled army battles. Bot brains come with different strategies.

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NET string resources from multiple different resource files together inside one single data grid. This simplifies the translation of strings to multiple different languages by providing you a compact and effective overview of all languages of each string resources inside a single data grid.

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Database data can be loaded into QuickTable in just one statement April 17, This project documents the development of a suite of ns2 grid network simulators that was done as part of the EC-GIN project. The aim is to refine and develop these simulators to provide input to the larger ns2 and grid simulation community. Freeware Word Grid 1. September 21, Play Word Grid and showcase your massive vocabulary! The game presents a square divided into 16 grids, each contains a letter, and your task is to form words with 3 to 8 letters within the time limit.

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