TCS 4.20

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In addition to the enrichment literacy activities posted next week, we will also be offering some fun, enrichment activities in the math classes. Social studies teachers will also be providing students with a scavenger hunt to complete next week. As students complete these enrichment activities next week, we also ask that students log in to the TCS Student Page to complete the Question of the Day through the final day of school, Monday, June 15, Next Monday and Tuesday, families will have the opportunity to pick up any belongings that were left at the elementary schools.

TCS 4.20

At that time, families will also have the opportunity to return any books or materials that need to come back to school. We will also have a generic lost and found table as there for you to claim any lost items. As a reminder, we are not collecting chrome books at the end of the year. Any party who by affidavit or other appropriate means can establish to the board’s satisfaction that the party is impecunious may be provided a copy of the transcript or a copy of the tape recording without charge.

Any party, within 7 days of the date of mailing of the transcript, may file with the board a notice in writing of any claimed error in the record and shall mail a copy of the notice to each party of record.

All parties will be advised by the board of any authorized corrections to the record. All stipulations or agreements in reference to a matter that is the subject of a hearing shall be either dictated at length into the record, or reduced to writing, shall be signed by the persons or parties stipulating, and filed as a part of the record of the proceedings.

Controversies, or matters which may be the subject of a hearing, may be disposed of by stipulation, agreed settlement, or consent orders. Unless made during a hearing or prehearing conference, all motions shall be made in writing, shall state with particularity the grounds for the motion and the relief or order sought.

A notice of motion is not required, notice being satisfied by service of the copy of the motion. A brief or other papers in support of a motion including affidavits and documentary evidence, shall be served and filed with the motion. Parties may make opening statements after appearances have been entered, and any party to the proceeding may make closing argument at the close of the hearing, which shall not be included in the stenographic or mechanical report of the hearing, unless the presiding officer so directs.

The hearing examiner may in his or her discretion, limit the amount of time for opening statement or closing arguments. The hearing examiner at the hearing shall indicate whether or not briefs are desired and may impose a briefing schedule. If the time for filing briefs has expired and the brief of one or more of the parties has not been filed within the prescribed time, the board may proceed to its determination of the matter. Extension of time to file briefs may be granted by the hearing examiner upon good cause shown.

Register, September, , No. Unless otherwise ordered by the board, all hearings shall be conducted on behalf of the board by a hearing examiner designated by the state director, who shall, in addition to any powers contained in this chapter, have all powers of a hearing examiner permitted by ch. The hearing examiner will open the hearing and make a concise statement of its scope and purposes.

If the matter is contested, the hearing examiner will state the issues in the proceedings. Thereafter, parties may make motions or opening statements. When opening statements are made they shall be confined to: Parties may be off the record only when the hearing examiner permits.

If a discussion off the record is deemed pertinent by the hearing examiner, the hearing examiner may summarize it on the record. Upon an appearance at a hearing the name and mail address of the party appearing and the name and mail address of any agent, employee, officer or attorney appearing with or for the party shall be furnished and entered in the record of the proceedings, and the appearances so made and the mail addresses so given shall be binding on the party unless and except as modified by written notice to the state director or the hearing examiner conducting the hearing and to all other parties appearing in the proceeding and served as provided by s.

Evidence ordinarily will be presented in the following order: Rules of evidence are governed by s. If a party who has received notice of a hearing fails to appear at the hearing, the hearing examiner may proceed with the hearing and, on the evidence presented, may make a decision and issue an order. The hearing examiner designated to conduct the hearing may sign and issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses or parties at hearings.

Hearings will be recorded either stenographically or mechanically, and the transcript together with all exhibits, shall be a part of the official record of such proceeding.

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