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Overall Improvements Posting bugs to Bugzilla from the test log. In earlier versions, to post an error report to Mozilla Bugzilla, you had to create an issue-tracking template. In addition to this functionality, you can now easily post bugs to Bugzilla directly from the test log: Easier navigation in the test log.

TestComplete 10.60

The TestComplete test log contains new toolbar items that help you quickly jump back and forward in the history of log views. The new functionality greatly simplifies the analysis of test logs that contain lots of records: Auto-correcting Name Mapping repositories. Name Mapping files can be corrupted if they are modified outside of TestComplete. This can happen, for example, if somebody changed the file in a text editor, or if two file versions were merged by a source control system.

If TestComplete detects that the Name Mapping repository is corrupted, it tries to restore the data automatically and displays a message box informing you about the issue. If you get such a message on TestComplete startup, we recommend that you view the change log to make sure the recognition properties have been modified properly. Assistance in license recovery. As TestComplete licenses are bound to the hardware of the License Manager PC, they become unavailable if the hardware is changed, damaged or is not functional for some other reason.

TestComplete now includes the new License Recovery wizard that will help you resolve licensing issues that occur in these cases. Automatic creation of reports by using the Report Generator utility. You can use the Report Generator utility to automatically generate a report with a dump file and event logs after the traced application closes.

Just run the Report Generator with the -generate-report command-line argument. Installing plugins from the command line. These arguments also work for TestExecute. If username and password are wrong, it shows a message box. When I click ok to it, user will be redirected to index.

But I want reload same page, like header ‘Location: This is XMLPath only provides the path relative to that location, which How can I hide and show title in popover? But on already released po number it shows Already released. But whenobj. For instance, if I have a test. How can I find out whether a button I use WshShell. So far my best guess was to “write” empty text into the field and Each table is being hidden if an input control of Months does not have the particular months listed, so only the most currently relevant months After that we are getting issue in my previous developed application.

We are getting errors in temp tables. Places I’ve looked speak almost exclusively to web app testing, but I’m running automated testing on a Windows desktop application. I could use XML, but for the The error points to the following line: Other parts I’m attempting to store the arguments of a FindChild call to easily print for debugging.

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TestComplete 6. Useful display of window objects for apps that are running. Cons The recorded scripts will work, but since TC is very brittle, the wise tester will author their own test scripts in order to attempt to prevent and manage script failures. Very minor errors will cause a script to fail. Summary I started using this product with Version 3. The transition to Version 4.

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I have an Array or Json with some values, but the problem is i only want the image from array. This is what i get now from the array: Let’s assume I need to represent this resource: Anything is displayed.

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TestComplete 10.60