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TestingTechnology andAutomatic Equipment Author: LeiYong Advisor: Professor Wang HoujunSchool: Testsignal hasprogressed fromasingledigitalsignaloranalogsignaltoacomplexmixedsignalcontainingthe abovetwokindsofsignals. Forcomplexmixedsignal,itcannotcompletethetesting task verywell just byordinarydigital storageoscilloscopeor simplelogic analyzer. Itsfunction combinesanalysisofanalogsignalwave’samplitude,frequencyofdigitalstorage oscilloscopeintimedomainandanalysisofthesignalcharacteristicsofmultichannel logic analyzer in data domain. Basedonthemixedsignaloscilloscopehardwaresystem, analogchannelcircuit,dataacquisition,storageandcontrolcircuit,andPCIinterface circuit aremainlydesigned. Thespecific content of this paper asfollows: Itmainlyincludesthedesign of signalconditioningcircuit, dataacquisition, storageandcontrolcircuit design,trigger circuit design and PCIinterfacecircuit design. Firstofall,thispaperfocuseonthe triggersignalconditioningcircuitdesign,mainlyincludingthetriggersourceselecting circuit,triggercomparisoncircuitandthetriggerthresholdlevelcircuit.

TVTrigger 1.2.5

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Watchtower Library The new Watchtower Framework replaces the old one. The new application replaces the old one too.

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TVTrigger 1.2.5