Visifire 3.6.8

Visifire 3.6.8 Patch + Serial Number Updated August-2020

Unambiguously, correctly, clearly, preferably in terms of understandable charts and graphs and in plain English. Most modern BI and Customer Analytics solutions include graphicallyoriented Dashboard interfaces that leave the complicated back-end aspect of BI in the server room. An entirely new breed of solutions called Data Visualization Solutions have emerged, simplifying the presentation of information gathered from various data sources into attractive, simple-to-understand graphics including Graphs, Flow Diagrams and other pictographic forms of presenting data, in a form that is easily understood by everyone.

Visifire 3.6.8

When displayed by a good DV Solution, Customer Analytics are summarized and presented in a summary view that easily provides insight into the health of organizations that use them.

DV Solutions quickly provide managers with necessary information that can assist in decisions affecting the direction they provide for their employees. DV Solutions let you sift through the chaos to spot patterns and trends, which also indicate the causes and effects for measuring promotions and advertising. They deliver a look into the preferences of customers, which can help in upselling actions and targeted marketing campaigns. They can alert you about a KPI that goes beyond set parameters.

For example, if sales drop below a predetermined level, an alert is sent to key employees who can intervene. A good dashboard will reflect data in real time and allow for drill downs, which provide increased detail into a specific KPI. It also should integrate with a retailers existing security protocols. On the next slide, is a listing of 27 Data Visualization Solutions proof that Data Visualization is indeed serious business!

The actionscript-based library enables users to create multidimensional DV interfaces for analysis and presentation of information Degrafa A declarative graphics framework for creating rich user interfaces, DV, mapping, graphics editing and more DojoX Data Chart – Primary purpose is to make connecting a chart to a Data Store a simple process Chronoscope Suited to the visualization of thousands or millions of points of data.

Can be navigated with Keyboard or Mouse. Displays data as Graphs to better visualize connections MilkChart – Simple to use, yet robust library for transforming table data into Charts. Open Flash Charts – Open source Flash charts Protovis – Custom views of data with simple marks such as Bars and Dots. Unlike low-level graphics libraries that quickly become tedious for visualization, Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts that simplify construction Bold; title.

Parse valuearray[j,1] ; dataSeries. Add new Visifire. ReturnColorFromString ; chartgridy. Horizontal; trendline1. Primary; trendline1. Solid; trendline1. Bold; trendline1. Horizontal; trendline2. Primary; trendline2. Solid; trendline2. Bold; trendline2. Square; dataSeries. Parse valuearray[j, 1] ; dataPoint. Show dataPoint. AxisXLabel ; if this. Transparent ; splinechart. Transparent ; plotarea. Column; dataSeries. Commons; using Visifire. Line; dataSeries.

YValue”; dataSeries. StackedBar; dataSeries. ReturnColorFromString colorarray[ii] ; dataSeries. Black ; dataPoint. StackedBar; else dataSeries. StackedBar; if Colorarray! Transparent ; piechart. ReturnColorFromString Titlecolor ; title.

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Visifire 3.6.8