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In a second I could see what the picture was and recalled exactly where I had taken it. I just needed the proper perspective. Perhaps this illustration will be useful to help you see what can happen to human beings, ministries, pastors and even denominations. This is why it is important that we read the Word and give ourselves a reality check from time to time.

Vista Photo Gallery 1.21.3

When the Glory Has Departed I know Christian leaders and denominations that started out right but have ended up wrong. This downfall can be predicted in light of church history.

God has raised up individuals from time to time to be leaders. Sometimes, a pastor will become a leader and a model for many other pastors. Eventually, a fellowship of churches with like-minded pastors may be the result. This fellowship of pastors teaches the Word of God and the sheep are enlightened and fed. The sheep, because they are learning, love God with all their heart. This love spreads to the horizontal plane and love is overflowing. The sheep want to tell others about Jesus.

It is even possible to have a Jesus movement. However, the passing of time has a way of helping us forget. Perhaps another way of saying this is that Satan hates what God is doing. Some pastors forget from where they came. They were once shepherds with small flocks. As they taught the Word and fed the sheep, the small flocks grew to become mega-churches. These mega-churches grew to the point that there was no longer a flock, there was a herd.

There were so many sheep in the flock that the shepherd had no choice but to manage the flock by turning the church into a corporation. As everyone knows, churches, when they become corporations have to operate like a corporation not a church. In the world, people in corporations are always looking for position.

The only way one can be successful in climbing the corporate ladder is to be loyal to the corporation and the corporate president. Here lies a problem—when a Christian becomes more loyal to a man than to the Son of Man, spirituality can soon turn into carnality. Carnality that is further driven by the obsession for power, position and possession often is the perfect recipe for disaster. What once was a wonderful Spirit-filled church now becomes a machine that simply goes through the motions.

Everything looks like it is working. However, the machine is broken. Israel, as a nation, knew the glory of God’s presence among them. The children of Israel prospered and became strong as they followed the Lord. However, Israel turned from God by making wrong choices. Eventually, they came to the place where the presence of God was no longer among them.

The glory of God had departed. In a desperate attempt to win a battle with the Philistine army, Israel devised a plan. The leaders actually believed that if they took the ark of the covenant with them to battle that God was obligated to lead them to victory. Such was not the case. God did not fight for Israel. Israel was defeated and the Philistines triumphed and even took the ark.

When a messenger returned from the battlefield with the sad news that the army was defeated, the ark captured, and the two sons of Eli were dead, Eli fell backward off his chair, broke his neck and died. When she heard the news that her husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law were dead she went into labor. She gave birth to a son, but she died during the delivery. The Bible states that the woman who was acting as the midwife named the son—Ichabod.

For example in 1 Samuel Once empowered by the Spirit there came a time when the LORD departed from him and Samson was not even aware that it happened. Well, I have some good news. There is a solution. I believe that such a scenario could be turned around. God wants His servants to finish the race. Health Risks: No information on health risks for this material has been entered into the database.

You should always treat mineral specimens with care. References for Mottramite Hide This section is currently hidden. Reference List: Domeyko Annales des mines: Adam, M. Genth Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society: Roscoe, H. On two new vanadium minerals. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London: Scacchi Acc. Napoli, Att.: Wells American Journal of Science: Goldschmidt, V. Larsen, E.

Zambonini and Carobbi American Mineralogist:

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While many were upset with me at the time, suggesting that I was firing a missile over the bow of the ship, time has shown that the warning God placed upon my heart at that time was accurate and was for a reason. While management has changed at CC Costa Mesa since that commentary was written, daily reports from the many now jumping off the ship verify the once mighty Titanic may be in trouble. Many of the older and mature members who were pillars in the old Calvary Chapel regime have already left. They have found a new church home with a pastor who was fired by the new leadership at Costa Mesa who has planted his own church not far away. A drive by the Calvary Costa Mesa parking lot at service time is also very enlightening.

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