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NPV should be calculated by discounting the cash flows on the basis of the required rate of return. If the project or proposal does not involve special risk, the required rate of return is Cost of capital. NPVs should be calculated on the basis of 2 discounting rates.

WhatsUp Gold Premium 15.0.1 Build 434

A company has an investment opportunity costing Rs. Year 6 7 8 9 10 Net cash flow Rs. Also determine IRR with the help of 10 per cent and 15 per cent discounting factors.

Answer a Calculation of Pay Back period: Year CF Rs. CF Rs. During the first 5 years, the project will pay Rs. Remaining Rs. A company wants to replace its old machine with a new automatic machine; two models A and B are available at the same cost of Rs. Salvage value of the old machine is Rs. The utilities of the existing machine can be used if the company purchases A.

Additional cost of utilities to be purchased in that case are Rs. If the company purchases B then all the existing utilities will have to be replaced with new utilities costing Rs. The salvage value of the old utilities will be Rs. The earnings after taxation are expected to be: You are required to i compute, for the two machines separately, discounted pay back period and ii advise which of the machines is to be selected?

Answer Assumption: All salvage values given are post- tax. Initial investment Rs. Lakhs A Cost Salvage of old mach. CF at Discounted Values 0. CF at Discounted Values 1.

A firm is considering a project the details of which are: Investment Year 1 2 3 4 5 70, Cash flow 10, 20, 30, 45, 40, Determine the Pay Back period. Teaching note3: It is the rate of return profit on funds employed.

It is calculated on the basis of DCFs. DCF Analysis of project Dis. It is not a part of the answer. X Ltd. Year 1 2 3 4 5 Gross Yield Rs.

Depreciation 30 per cent p. Cost of capital 12 per cent. Scrap value nil. Would you recommend accepting the project under IRR method? Answer Working note: Assumptions i the term Gross Yield refers to profit before depreciation before tax. Three bids were secured from firms that would construct them and lease to the company on the following terms: Lakhs 30 25 32 For the next 10 years Rs.

Lakhs 10 20 5 All the three bidders agreed to lease for period of 10 years with an option for renewal for the remaining 10 years.

The lease amounts included the ground rent payment to owners of the land to whom the land will be reverted, under all alternatives, together with all constructions thereon at the end of 20 years. The alternative to lease involved the following costs: Which alternative should be selected? Ignore Tax. The present value of Re. You are not supposed to you use any mathematical table for solving this question. X Company has two presses each capable of producing 20, specialized components a year selling for Rs.

Production on each press is flexible with the sole limitation that the economic batch quantity is 5, Production level Total cost per annum Press A Rs.

Management anticipates that the components will only be required for further 5 years, after that there will be no demand. Cost of Capital is 10 per cent. Produce and sell..? Press A is kept, the company should produce and sell 20, units as there is maximum profit under this alternative.

Produce and sell? Press B is kept; the company should produce and sell 15, units as there is maximum profit under this alternative. Working Note Output 25, units 5, from A 20, from B: Excel Ltd. The variable cost of manufacture is Rs. Fixed cost excluding depreciation is Rs. It can produce a maximum of 1,00, kg at full capacity. The Production Manager suggests that if the existing machines are fully replaced the company can achieve maximum capacity in the next five years gradually increasing the production by 10 per cent per year.

The existing machines with a current book value of Rs. For your exercise you may assume the following: Depreciation will be on straight-line basis and the same basis is allowed for tax purposes. The entire cost of the assets will be depreciated over five-year period. Do you agree? May 20 Marks May 20 Marks Without replacement, old machine can be used for 5 years at 50 per cent capacity with no salvage value.

So if we do not replace the machine, the NPV would be: There is a phrase in the question NPV on replacement is about Rs. We interpret this clause that the replacement will result in incremental NPV of Rs.

Dep Incre. Tax Incre. Cash 19 Cont. T Ltd. The capacity of the plant is for an annual production of 12Lakh units and capacity utilization during the 6 years working life of the project is expected to be as indicated below: Annual fixed costs, excluding depreciation, are estimated to be Rs.

The average rate of depreciation for tax purposes is The rate of income-tax may be taken at 50 per cent. At the end of the third year, an additional investment of Rs. The company targets for a rate of return of 15 per cent.

You are required to indicate whether the proposal is viable giving you working notes and analysis. Terminal value for the fixed assets may be taken a 10 per cent and for the current assets at per cent.

Calculation may be rounded off to Rs. Please give your answer under each of two assumptions: The present value factors: Under WDV method, if there is no other asset of the block , no depreciation is allowed for the year in which asset is sold, discarded, demolished or destroyed.

Income Tax, allows depreciation on closing WDV. If the asset is sold, discarded, demolished or destroyed in case there is no other asset of the block , the closing WDV would be zero, hence no 21 depreciation. Section 50, Income Tax Act, Short term capital loss cannot be set-off against the business income. Assumptions 1 Company has other incomes to absorb depreciation.

Investment 3 0. NAV C. Hence, depreciation will continue be allowed till thee total amount is fully written off. The core chapters are organized into parts.

They cover the following topics: Part I: Network Structure Models covers hierarchical network models, the Cisco Enterprise Architecture model, and high-availability network services.

Part II: Data Center Design covers enterprise data center design fundamentals, technology trends, data center challenges, and virtualization technologies. Part III: Internet Protocol Version 4 covers the header, addressing, subnet design, and protocols used by IPv4. Internet Protocol Version 6 covers the header, addressing, design, and protocols used by IPv6. Part IV: Managing Security examines security management, security policy, threats, risks, security compliance, and trust and identity management.

Security Solutions covers Cisco SAFE architecture, security technologies, and design options for securing the enterprise. Part V: Comprehensive Scenarios provides network case studies for further comprehensive study. Final Preparation identifies tools for final exam preparation and helps you develop an effective study plan. It contains tips on how to best use the CD material to study. Part VI: Version 1. Although there might not be a specific question on the exam about converting a binary number to decimal, you need to know how to do so to do problems on the test.

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