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Many email notification settings can be tweaked so that server can send email to different users based on different conditions. IPv6 Support IPv6 is seamlessly integrated in all server functions. Server log and audit FTP sessions and errors log Detailed logs of ftp sessions and server errors. User file transfer history can be easily searched and retrieved. Send log to Syslog server All server logs can be sent to Syslog server at the same time.

Xlight FTP Server

Server administration It can run as Windows system service. User cannot see other users’ paths. Group path can be seen only by users of a group, public path can be seen by all users. GUI Remote Administration Server can be securely administrated from outside and remote administration is firewall friendly.

It can be performed from any opened FTP control port. Fix a bug in the MDTM command. Fix a bug for IPv6 subnet mask. Add support that if the primary group is set for an Active Direcotory user, it will automatically become his FTP group. When saving connection information for the remote administration, password can now be empty. If it is empty, user will be prompted for password after connection is established.

Xlight FTP Server verison information is now embedded in the executable file and can be showed in the Windows explorer. Fixed several bugs related to remote administration. Add a new option “Force all users except anonymous user to login using SSL” in virtual server’s security settings. Add a domain field in the UNC path account impersonation settings.

Fix a random crash problem cased by PASV command, when server was serving downloads for more than users at the same time. Fix a LDAP authentication problem. Because in some LDAP servers, users with blank password can always authenticate bind successfully.

Socket buffer in the user’s settings will override the socket buffer set in the virtual server. Fix a bug in the Admin Console. The steps are put in the FAQ section. When the option to use extended schema xlightFTPdUser is selected for Active Directory, but attribute ftpHomeDirectory is not set for a user, AD attribute homeDirectory will be automatically used as his home directory.

Fix a few small bugs in the GUI. Add two new events OnLogin and OnLogout, two new parameters and four new variables in the email notification. When disk quota is enabled for a user, his quota will be automatically re-calculated after login. There will be no need to manually re-calculating quota from GUI.

Add options to set notes for virtual server and users. Add option to show debug trace informtion of external authentication to Error Log. Add option to filter file transfer logs to database by download or upload. Add a new option in the user’s settings, which allows local ftp user to bypass the external authentication. Add a new option to allow user to install and uninstall system service directly within the Xlight FTP Program.

Fix a bug that when a virtual path has the same name of its real path, there are duplicate paths in the ftp directory list. Enhanced the compatibility of UPnP function with some broadband routers. Add Admin Console function.

Admin Console can be used to access Xlight service from Remote Desktop in non-console sessions. When not use, Admin Console can be closed safely without affecting Xlight service.

Add support for writing file transfer log to database through ODBC. Add support UPnP function. Fix a race condition for the LIST command. Fix a problem in the service return code. User can use the same password of Windows Domain. Support for UNC path impersonation, server can access remote network shares easily with different impersonation accounts. Add right button menu for copying selected on screen logs.

Fix a bug where timestamp in files list for MLSD command is 8 hours late. Fix several bugs related to UI. Support for sfv check to create empty folder after each upload to show latest uploaded percentage. Change the behavior of Write flag for virtual path permission, file will not allowed to be ovrwrite if Append flag is not chosen. Support for column sort under User List window by clicking column header. Support for column sort under Detail window. For performance reason, this sort is manual sort only and only sort at the moment column header is clicked.

Because contents of column will keep updating, it may not always sorted Change the time in ftp session log from GMT to local time. Quickly edit user or virtual server setting by double click on it.

Fix a bug of external user database setting dialog, where Password Type “text” can not be saved to configuration file. Make the way xlight handling tray icon be in consistant with others windows program with tray icon. Fix a user registration bug. Fix a user interface bug in Windows XP. Recommend 2. Support for GUI remote administration client. All configuration changes will take place in real-time, without restarting the server. Xlight user interface can be localized into different language easily by modify a text file Support for IPv6 New personal edition which is free but limited to 5 online users FTP server will better performance running in machine with multiple cpus or multicore.

Support for copying user and group. Support for IP range with format such as Support for user to change ” server ready” message. Add GUI interface for creating self-signed X. Fix a throughtput decrease issue when under very heavy load. Fix a bug which may cause problem behind certain firewall. This can greatly reduce the happening of “connection refuse”, even when many users are hammering busy ftp server with multi-threads download tool such as “flashget”.

Fix two bugs related to user’s idle time. FTP connection will be closed if user can’t login into ftp server within seconds. New ODBC feature to let user define his own SQL statement to replace xlight’s internal SQL query statement, this can be used to support advanced database function, such as stored procedure. New “file access control” function. Increase user login control to hold up to 16 entries. Fix the problem that virtual server bandwidth control and group bandwidth only work on the first NIC card.

Some changes in ftp server’s internal method for utilizing window OS’s file cache.

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Older versions. k. Rate this App. Xlight FTP Server is an app you can use to set up your own FTP server in a matter of minutes. In addition, it’s designed to support a handful of simultaneous connections without using too much of your CPU, so you can be active while you work or do anything else. Xlight FTP Server Xlight FTP Server est un serveur FTP très facile à utiliser pour Windows supportant les serveurs virtuels. Il peut charger ainsi plusieurs clients FTP simultanément en utilisant très peu de mémoire et de ressources système. Xlight FTP Server is an easy to use high performance FTP server with very low memory and CPU usage. It has many features and advanced features such Subcategory: FTP Software.

Xlight FTP Server