Yapbam 0.20.9

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CSV exported files were not correctly encoded when cells contain cell separator or double quotes. Yapbam is able to be connected to a Dropbox account in order to share data across Internet and backup it through built-in Dropbox functions. To help maintain Yapbam uptodate, verifying the presence of updates is systematically enforced once a month. Adds a checkbox “Ignore end date” in the “History of the balance” tab.

Yapbam 0.20.9

Some Portuguese and German translations were wrong. While launching the application, if the last opened file was protected with password, click on “Cancel” in the dialog asking for the password caused an error. Workaround for a Java bug that caused an error under Java 1. Adds a button to swap the currencies in the currency converter. In the calculator, the result is now selectable and can be copied with the standard shortcut Windows.

Type a comma as the first character of an amount input field caused an error. Adding a field “Notes” in the accounts, visible in the “Accounts summary” tab. In the “Budget” tab, selecting the total cell of an already selected line didn’t grayed out the “Filter” button. Click on it caused an error. Trying to read or write protected files caused errors. Versions before 0. It was an anomaly. The following versions of Yapbam no longer allowed to read files containing such operations, which was The “Customized filter” dialog was not initialized according to the current filter when this filter already defined restrictions on value date.

Ramdom crashes when exiting after opening the calculator. When Yapbam was installed in a write protected folder or in a folder protected by Windows UAC windows , and a periodic transaction was edited, quitting Yapbam caused an error.

When editing periodical transaction, it was possible to validate a not activated transaction with an end date before the next deadline. This caused an error. Rounding errors in the calculator. Adds a calculator in the “Tools” menu. When a periodical transaction reaches its end date, an error occurs.

The periodical transactions generation dialog is now resizable. The transaction table can be sorted, and a button edits the selected transaction. Transaction can be postponed. The “Transactions” table of the “Balance History” tab can now be sorted from the newest transaction to the oldest. It was possible to create a periodical transaction with a next transaction’s date after the end date of the periodical transaction. When canceling an transaction in the generation of periodic transactions, or altering its amount, the summary of the generated amounts line below the list of generated transactions was not updated.

When changing the order of columns in the tab “Account Summary”, the “Total” row remained frozen. Changing the case of a letter in an account’s name caused an error. Closing Yapbam caused an error when the filter had a restriction on the number or statement, but not on the description of transactions.

In the custom filter, enter a value in the “Checking” field and then uncheck “Checked transactions” caused an error while validating the dialog. While editing a periodic transaction, change the frequency of a monthly transaction to daily, and switch back to monthly caused an error. A bug introduced in the 0. When you removed or renamed the file imported between its selection and the import dialog validation, an error occurred. It could also happen when you removed lines then select the last line in the import dialog.

When the initial balance of an account was changed in the “Administration” tab, the change was not reported in the “Accounts summary” tab nor in the alerts of the “Balance history” tab. Check number changes when editing a transaction was sometimes ignored. Passwords containing accents were not supported. In the account management panel, when the account list was sorted, the delete button could delete an account that was not the selected one.

It is now possible to define sub-categories and view statistics and budget by grouping sub-categories of a category. When clicking on the button “View a sample data file” of the welcome dialog, there was no warning if changes were not saved. In this case, changes were lost. Startup fails when Yapbam was installed in the “Programs” folder on Windows.

In the “Periodical transactions management” tab of the “Administration” tab, there was some spelling errors, and the background color of the “Active” column was wrong when table was sorted.

In the periodical transactions generation dialog, the date field was sometimes too small to display the date. When offline, the last downloaded rates are used. On systems that do not allow Yapbam to open a browser, clicking on the buttons to access frequently asked questions and the tutorial in the welcome screen resulted in an error. In the preference dialog, it was possible to enter a proxy server address containing the char ‘: This resulted in an error when opening the preference dialog again.

This error prevents the user from being able to fix the proxy server name. In the administration panel, deleting a category while editing it could resulted in errors. It’s now possible to remember the row sorter keys of the tables across two Yapbam launches. The rows of tables under “Accounts Management” part of “Administration” tab can now be sorted.

It is the same for the “accounts summary”. It is now possible to delete a sort key in tables by repeatedly clicking the column header that serves as sort key. In the currency converter: Currency table can be sorted, by default it is sorted, as well as the menus in the order of names of currencies. The target currency can be selected by clicking its row in the table. In the currency converter, conversion rates were not displayed in the decimal format of the country eg, in France, the point was used as decimal separator.

In the “Account statements” tab, the optional sort order of “Debt” and “Receipt” columns was alphabetical instead of numerical. Bugs introduced in 0. Opening a file protected by password, then clicking on “Cancel” in the password dialog, resulted in an error. Reading a file that contained no transactions resulted in an error. Under Linux, wait dialogs were systematically and briefly displayed in the corner of the screen while reading or writing data or while accessing the Internet 0.

The csv exports doesn’t contain anymore thousands separators Excel doesn’t recognize strings with such separators as numbers. In countries where space is the thousand separator France, Sweden, Adds a waiting message when the currency converter connects to the ECB.

Introduces a simpler, clearer the current statement is displayed below the list of transactions to check and more powerful one can check multiple transactions at once, undo check, etc Background colors of the transaction table can now be customized. Then, click the “Filter” button resulted in an error. Removes the backup preference tab backup are not yet implemented An error occurred when validating the “Transaction editing” preferences while the customized automatic statement id field contained an invalid pattern.

When Yapbam was installed in a write protected folder or in a folder protected by Windows UAC windows , as the folder “Program files”, the currency converter did not work. When Yapbam was installed in a write protected folder or in a folder protected by Windows UAC windows , as the folder “Program files”, error messages appeared when launching or quitting Yapbam and during updates. When editing of subtransaction, clicking the check box “receipt” when the “amount” was empty caused an error.

When editing a periodic transaction with an end date, moving from a daily to monthly transaction caused an error. When deleting the payment mode at the bottom the table in the account administration tab, the edit and delete bottom were not disabled.

Clicking on them at this time caused an error. When deleting an account, mode or category authorized by the filter, Yapbam went sometimes found in an inconsistent state. The display of the transaction creation dialog could end with an error.

When generating periodic operations, the end date of operations whose frequency was expressed in days was ignored. When an operation pointed is duplicated, the statement is emptied unless the autofill function is set in the preferences dialog. In such a case, this field is automatically filed. When you validated the Preferences dialog, Yapbam restarted automatically, even when it was not necessary. The currency converter was not working when the selected language was German. Adds a button “Generate periodic transactions” in the transactions table and in the “Periodical transactions” administration panel.

In the dialog for entering sub-transactions, we could validate an unlabeled sub-transaction by erasing the text and clicking quickly on the “Validate” button. When entering an incorrect value in the “Customized” field of the “Transaction editing” tab of the preferences dialog, we had time to click the “Submit” button before it becomes disabled. In some dialogs when clicking the “Validate” button during a date or amount field edition, the click did not closed the dialog.

Using such a separator led to a crash of the import file dialog. Using account names, method of payment or categories that begin or end with spaces could cause crashes in the dialog for creating these objects. The icons and warning messages when the threshold of balance is exceeded or when there are periodic transactions to generate were sometimes displayed on the wrong tab. It is now possible to display relative balances in the transactions tab you have to click a balance to make it the reference for other balances.

The components of the tab “operations” are rearranged. Adds button to create bulk operations. The filter was never saved when the data were not recorded before closing Yapbam’s window.

Importing an empty file caused an error. Click a help button caused a crash if java was unable to open a web browser. Displaying the balance history of an account that a null initial balance and all its transaction’s amount null resulted in an error. In the wizard for entering sub-transactions: Select a wording that does not appeared in any transaction of the account of the edited transaction caused the wizard to crash. Added specific error messages on backup failure of the preferences or of startup state.

Similarly, the currency converter didn’t work. Closing Yapbam under Java 1. In “Statements” tab: When opening multiple accounts while running Yapbam, editing transactions resulted in the appearance of the edit dialog of the transaction several times. Since the 0. In order to fix this major problem as fast as possible, and as it is caused by a misconception of the filter backup, the filter backup is deactivated in this release when using password protected file.

In importation: When the imported file contained invalid lines and the last column of the file wasn’t attached to a transaction attribute, the importation failed. Exportation was impossible if a previous exportation has been made in a previous Yapbam version. In the payment mode dialog, the “validate” button was not always disabled when some fields were empty.

Validating such a dialog caused an error. The filter can be remembered between two launches. Adds a comment field to the transactions.

Adds a method for creating mass transactions. Changes to the yapbam. In the import process: When there were missing columns at the end of imported lines, the import failed. When, in the transaction input dialog, you chose a predefined label with the date field empty, the error dialog signaled a program error.

The mode creation dialog allowed the user to check the “use a checkbook” box then to uncheck the “Usable for expenses” box. In the subtransaction edition dialog: When you chose a description in the popup menu by clicking on it with the mouse, the description appeared in the field this is the normal behavior. But, when validating the input, the description saved was the one before selecting the predefined description!

Entering an invalid regular expression in the “custom filter” dialog caused an error when validating the dialog. In the transactions table of the balance history tab; When a transaction was edited, the table was refreshed, but not with the right data. When a the imported file contained invalid values and has more than none columns, the import failed. In the “periodical transactions” administration panel.

The table was not refreshed when these transactions were modified. In some dialogs: The cancel button in the category dialog and the account dialog confirmed the dialog same action as ok! In some dialogs, typing a wrong value didn’t prevent you from validate the dialog if you clicked very, very, very quickly the ok button.

In the administration tab: Sometimes it could cause crashes. Deleting the content of the “initial balance” cell of an account in the accounts table caused a crash. In transaction dialog, checking the receipt box when amount field was empty caused a crash. In the “customized filters” dialog: In the entry wizard. It could hang when the description was not in the filtered transactions.

Adds menu accelerator for editing or duplicating. Adds menu item for checking a transaction. Reduces popup menus in the “Statistics” tab to useful items for example: It wrote an unreadable file. If the file opened at startup had an alert on the balance, it was not immediately displayed in the “Balance History” tab.

Fixes some localization problems some wordings with a wrong language. Adds an accounts summary view. Importer un fichier avec des cellules vides dans la colonne “montant” provoquait une erreur.

Quand on confirmait l’archivage dans un fichier standard pas un fichier d’archive , cela provoquait une erreur. Bugs mineurs dans l’onglet “Historique du solde”. Dans le convertisseur de devises, la liste des pays utilisant une devise s’affiche quand on survole celle-ci dans le tableau des devises. Correction de traductions anglaises et portuguaises.

Contournement d’un bug de Java qui provoquait une erreur avec Java 1. Ajout d’un bouton permettant de permuter les devises dans le convertisseur de devises. Ajout d’un rubrique “notes” dans les comptes, visible dans l’onglet “Bilan des comptes”.

Cliquer sur celui-ci provoquait alors une erreur. Les versions avant la 0. Erreurs d’arrondis dans la calculette. Ajout d’une calculatrice dans le menu “Outils”. Un bug introduit dans la version 0. Changer la casse d’une lettre dans le nom d’un compte provoquait une erreur. Un bug introduit par la version 0. Dans le convertisseur de devises: Correction de bugs introduits en 0.

Cliquer sur le bouton “Filtre” provoquait alors une erreur. Les utiliser provoquait le plantage du dialogue d’import de fichiers. L’importation d’un fichier vide provoquait une erreur. La fermeture de Yapbam ne fermait pas le processus de la machine virtuelle java.

Correction d’un bug majeur de la version 0. Correction d’un bug dans l’importation: Correction d’un bug important: Correction d’un bug mineur dans la saisie des modes de paiement: La validation dans cette configuration provoquait une erreur.

Modification du script yapbam. Dans les dialogues: Dans l’onglet d’administration: Parfois cela pouvait entrainer des plantages. Effacer le contenu d’une cellule “solde initial” dans l’onglet de gestion des comptes provoquait un plantage. L’aide ne fonctionnait pas sous Linux.

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